21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition Meal Plan

21dfx wood

Oh Autumn, you really wanted to see how hard you could push me, didn’t you? As if meal planning for the original 21 Day Fix wasn’t enough of a challenge, you go and throw the C2C plan at me and just rock my world!!

That’s ok because I got this.

I figured out that the most difficult part of planning for C2C was going to be fitting in #allthereds – because I never eat that much protein!! But, I think I have this meal planning thing down pat. Here’s my plan for this past week:

C2C plan March 2-8

You’ll see I am NOT eating cod 2829 times per day. Can’t. Just can’t do that. Props to Autumn and any other competitor who has that kind of dedication. I have goals and I have drive but I also don’t intend to make myself completely miserable haha. I know my limits.

I absolutely hate plain egg whites. Even hot sauce doesn't make it better. Bleech.

I absolutely hate plain egg whites. Even hot sauce doesn’t make it better. Blargh.

I also don’t strictly eat the + foods that Autumn has tagged in the C2C eating guide. I am avoiding dairy for the most part, but I am drinking regular Shakeology instead of vegan, and I am including some whey protein. I’d rather throw in a little whey and reach my protein goals for my red containers than try to choke down another serving of meat during the day. Again – I am doing what works best for me. My goal is to do better, not be perfect. 😉

As for my dinners – the chicken chili is modified from the turkey chili recipe that’s in the book. I am not a huge fan of ground turkey so I opted to use shredded chicken breast in place of the ground turkey here. The poached tilapia, beef and squash stew, and turkey meatballs are all found in the 21DFX eating plan recipes.

Today is day 6 for me, and I have stuck with this plan about 95%!! I had an issue with my lunch on Wednesday and ended up eating a bagel. And I may have had an extra carb or two today. Oops. However, I’ve had NO wine or beer this week, NO chocolate, and I’ve been eating ALL my reds! I am going to attempt to get 7 reds on my C2C days next week, since I am not really trying to lose any weight at this point. I just want to drop fat and gain muscle. I’m already down a couple of pounds and my muscles are super sore so I know I’m retaining water. Plus it’s my time of the month, so who knows what tricks my uterus is playing on me. She and my bathroom scale do not get along.

Do you have any awesome 21DFX recipes you’d like to share? Creative ways to get in all those dreaded reds? Please share! Drop a note below or email me!


Family Friendly Meals for the 21 Day Fix

“How can I eat according to the 21 Day Fix meal plan without having to cook separate meals for myself and my family?” “What foods can I eat?” “I have no idea what to make for dinner!”

These are things that I hear often from my challengers who are trying to follow their plan with the 21 Day Fix, as well as from some friends who just want to try to eat healthier foods. But what about the husband and the kids? What do they eat? Easy…I’ll show you how I do it.

Honestly, you can continue eating most of the same foods you already eat, or at least cooking many of the same dinners that your family enjoys. As I have shown in my previous post on how to meal plan for the Fix, I always plan my dinners first. Those are the most complicated because that is the meal each day when our family all eats the same thing. I don’t enjoy eating a salad every night, and I am certainly not going to cook multiple meals for my family, so I just cook something that I know everyone is going to enjoy.

Some of our typical meals before I started following the 21 Day Fix were:

  • burgers and homemade fries
  • tacos, burritos, or fajitas
  • brinner (breakfast for dinner)
  • pizza
  • enchiladas
  • spaghetti
  • fish tacos
  • barbecue pork
  • buffalo chicken
  • grilled steak and potatoes
  • hot dogs or sausage and macaroni and cheese (that’s a bad one, haha!)
  • chili

And honestly, we still eat most of these meals now! The only thing I do differently is clean up some of my recipes. I use fresh ingredients and lean meats. I usually forego the bun or tortilla with burgers and tacos, but my family eats them if they want. I typically opt out of cheese and any sauces that contain sugar. I make my own spaghetti sauce and use whole wheat noodles. Even pizza can be a fun meal at home — just use pita bread or some other type of crust and everyone can make their own individual pizza! The only meal I have cut out is the hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Oh and did we LOVE to eat that. On rare occasion, I’ll let the kids have Applegate hot dogs and Annie’s organic mac and cheese, but that’s usually a weekend treat. I use that time to either eat leftovers or make myself a salad.

We have also discovered some new meals we enjoy, and surprisingly my kids have adapted to eating “healthier” style foods! Baked chicken or fish, sweet potato fries, roasted broccoli, kale chips, sliced berries on whole wheat pancakes (and minimal real maple syrup needed, if at all!), even a Cobb salad is a family favorite.

red, yellow, green, and blue

red, yellow, green, and blue

What are your favorite family meals on the Fix? Or what are your favorite family meals, and you want to know how to incorporate them into your Fix plan? Drop a comment below or email me at amandaedenfield1@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help you clean it up and work it into your plan! 😉


How to Meal Plan for the 21 Day Fix


((Edit: You can watch my YouTube video here if you would rather hear me talk through the steps of meal planning. Otherwise, keep reading below!!))

How do you meal plan? How am I supposed to figure out these containers? How can I follow this guide and still feed my family? I don’t want to make different meals for myself and my family!

Make sure you grab your book before you start planning!

Make sure you grab your book before you start planning!

I hear this often, and they are legit concerns! When you first get your nutrition guide and try to tackle meal planning, it’s almost enough to make you throw in the towel. And some people get so frustrated that they do just that. But don’t let meal planning be what stops you from sticking with this program! Here I will break it down and show you exactly how I do my meal plans each week.

Step 1:

I start with a chart. Yep, a chart. I need paper and pencil so I can sketch out what we will eat for the week. Some people use the computer and that’s cool, but I need it on paper. It works better for me that way.

Meal planning step 1

So my chart looks like this. I have the days of the week on one side and my meals on the other. Sometimes I have the days on top of the page, and sometimes I have them on the side. That’s pretty irrelevant – just make sure they’re on there somewhere haha. Moving on. I also have every meal and snack that I eat each day. You can add in an extra snack before or after dinner if that’s what you typically eat. This is just what works for me. At the bottom, I list the different containers and how many of each I am supposed to eat (I’m planning for level 2, the 1500-1799 calorie range). This allows me to put a tally mark as I enter the foods into my plan, so I can see how many of each I have planned and how many more I need to add in.

Step 2:

After I have my chart prepped, I start writing in the meals that are pretty stable. For me, Shakeology is breakfast Monday-Friday. I sometimes cook breakfast on the weekends, so it may get shifted to a snack on those days, but I rarely have time to cook breakfast during the week. So Shakeology goes in the chart first. Then I plan for my dinners. Taco Tuesday is pretty typical in our house, so some version of that goes on Tuesday. We also like to do burgers, brinner (breakfast for dinner if you aren’t a Scrubs fan haha), steak and veggies, fajitas…and so on. Those get placed in dinner slots throughout the week. If I have a new recipe I want to try, I figure out which night will work the best for me to cook it and I place it there. After I have my dinners planned…

Step 3:

…then I plan my lunches. Because I’m a teacher, I don’t really have the luxury of cooking something for lunch. Leftovers are my best friend! Pretty much 95% of the time, I take whatever meat we had for dinner and pair it with a salad for my lunch the next day. Yes, I will even cook extra for dinner to make sure I have enough to eat for lunch!

Dinners and lunches complete!

Dinners and lunches complete!

Step 4:

After I have my dinners and lunches planned, I go back and fill in the gaps. Snacks are generally the same thing every day. Fruit, almonds, deli meat, boiled eggs (oh wow, just realized I didn’t use those at all this week!), raw veggies and hummus…those are all pretty standard snacks for me. I tried to add in a little variety with this plan, but honestly I am a boring eater! I will eat some of the same things every day just to keep it simple. Then I don’t have to try to remember too many different things haha.

Fill in snacks and missing pieces!

Fill in snacks and missing pieces!

A zoomed in view

A zoomed in view

That’s pretty much it! You don’t have to be following the 21 Day Fix to meal plan this way. This method of meal planning can be adapted to any type of nutrition plan, and can also be used for the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I will definitely use this while I’m prepping my meals using the Countdown to Competition plan (eat #allthereds). For some 21 Day Fix approved recipes, check out my clean and healthy recipe board here.

If you need help with meal planning or want more ideas on meals and snacks, leave a comment or feel free to message me via email (amandaedenfield1@gmail.com) or on Facebook! Happy planning!


If I planned your meals for 21 days…


I don’t know about you but the HARDEST thing for me is meal planing. So I’m hoping to take that out of the equation. I’m starting a challenge group for 5 challengers only. I will…

Provide you with three weeks of personalized meal plans and grocery lists.
Tell you what foods to eat together and what time of day.
You will eat 5 small meals per day and each one is specific.
You will workout for 30 minutes or less each day.
You will increase your water intake.
You will drink one nutritional shake after each workout and I will tell you why.
You will follow this plan exactly for 21 days.
I have seen anywhere from 6-15 lbs lost.
You can repeat the plan as many times as necessary.

This plan is very detailed so I am only accepting the first 5 challengers at this time. I will consult with you on food allergies or items off limits and I will cater the plan to you. The only necessity is YOU MUST be ready to commit!! It is IMPOSSIBLE to not see results if you stick to the plan and are consistent with the workouts.

You must commit by May 5 and the group starts May 12! Comment or email me for more info. Taking the first 5 SERIOUS commitments only. You must be READY to CHANGE!!

My Whole 30 Meal Plan, Week 1

First off, Merry belated Christmas to all of you out there! I had a wonderful month (yes, month) with visits from my dad and sister, followed up with a visit from the in-laws. We ate, had fun, ate, watched movies, ate, drank, ate, drove up a mountain (what, did you expect us to HIKE?!), ate, drank, ate, slept,…you get the picture. While this holiday season was especially relaxing and enjoyable, it has done nothing for this fab figure of mine. 



Even more troublesome than my sincere concern that my pants won’t fit when I go back to work in a week, is how I feel. UGH. Yesterday I actually thought I was getting sick. Since I woke up today feeling much better, and without all the tummy gurgling, I can only assume it was what I ate. Maybe that 48th jelly bean was one too many? Or maybe it was the third mini Toblerone.

ImageIronically enough, while stuffing my face full of the yummiest cookies and foods I could find, I read the book “It Starts With Food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. It explains the science behind Paleo eating and gives you all the information you need to do the Whole 30 program. The point of the Whole 30 is to take away all of the foods that are inflammatory to your body, foods that cause a negative response that you may not be aware of. After the 30 days, you can reintroduce those foods (grains, legumes, etc) to see how your body tolerates them. It’s like a science experiment in your kitchen, with YOU as the subject!

At the same time, while eliminating non-Paleo foods from your diet, you should notice a few things:

-> falling asleep faster and waking up more rested

-> reduced cravings after the first couple of weeks

-> feeling full between meals

-> improved mood (my family will enjoy this one)

-> weight loss, specifically FAT


So I am ready! I have created my meal plan for the first week, and I am all set to start my Whole 30 eating tomorrow! Here’s what I plan to eat:


Breakfast – Shakeology (the one not-quite-paleo food I refuse to give up, due to the unmatched nutritional benefits) with almond milk, banana, and a boiled egg on the side
Snack – 2 bell peppers, sliced, with cashews
Lunch – salad with chicken breast and a variety of veggies, olives, and topped with salsa
Snack – shakeology with spinach, water, and mint extract (I could use the extra shakeology to flush toxins)
Dinner – baked curry porkchops, shredded cabbage/carrots/romaine salad topped with avocado and paleo dressing


Breakfast – 1 whole egg plus one white, scrambled with spinach, mushrooms, onions, peppers, jalapenos, and salsa
Snack – 1 cup berries, 2 Tbsp shredded unsweetened coconut
Lunch – leftover porkchop, kale salad, and a Cutie
Snack – shakeology with almond milk
Dinner – Slow cooker pulled pork, sweet potato with cinnamon and 2 tsp butter (I use Kerrygold)


Breakfast – 4 oz ground turkey with cumin and chili powder, 2 c spinach, avocado slices, and a cutie (doesn’t this sound like a TON of food?!)
Snack – apple slices with almond butter
Lunch – leftover pulled pork, bowl of veggie salad with paleo dressing
Snack – shakeology with almond milk
Dinner – chicken fajitas with peppers and onions over a bed of lettuce, topped with avocado and salsa


Breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled, with a side of rosemary steamed sweet potatoes
Snack – grapefruit and avocado salad 
Lunch – leftover chicken fajitas over salad with paleo dressing
Snack – shakeology with almond milk
Dinner – bunless burgers with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a side of carrot fries


Breakfast – shakeology with almond milk, banana, and almond butter
Snack – fruit and nuts
Lunch – leftover burger, small salad with paleo dressing
Snack – deli ham (nitrate free) and grape tomatoes
Dinner – Thai coconut soup 


Breakfast – shakeology with water, fruit bowl topped with almond slivers and shredded coconut
Snack – apple with almond butter
Lunch – leftover soup, small salad
Snack – sliced turkey and peppers
Dinner – Cajun chicken


Breakfast – shakeology with almond milk, avocado (for creaminess), and fruit
Snack – cutie and cashews
Lunch – leftover cajun chicken
Snack – sliced turkey and peppers
Dinner – ultimate paleo chili over salad

In case you are wondering why I have SO MUCH FOOD at my meals, there are two reasons…

1) I don’t want to be hungry. Being hungry makes me want to munch. This isn’t about starving. This is about avoiding foods that cause a negative response in my body. I plan to eat myself silly on all of the GOOD stuff, especially veggies and healthy proteins.

2) I am starting P90X3 next week, and while I am following the Whole30 plan, I am ALSO following the nutrition guide for X3. That means I eat a specified amount of carbs, proteins, and fats at each meal. I am also aiming to eat around 1500 calories per day, so that my body doesn’t think it is getting too little nutrition, causing me to stall or plateau. After doing this plan for a week or two, I will see how I feel and see what’s going on with my body – then I will reassess caloric limits as needed.

I’d love for you to join me! Even if you don’t decide to follow the Whole 30 plan for a month, try out some of the meals I’ve listed and let me know what you think. 😉




Paleo Diet, Day 3

Woohoo, no headache today!! Today was definitely way easier than the first two days, which I attribute to my body getting over the “sugar flu” and not thinking that it needs so many carbs all day.


So here is my day:

*Energy & Endurance, Focus T25 Rip’t Circuit – NAILED IT!!
*Vanilla Shakeology, Results & Recovery, vanilla almond milk
*Banana and orange slices
*Two boiled eggs, salad
*Almonds, banana (a little fruit heavy today)
*Ultimate Paleo chili, recipe from Robb Wolf


This stuff was amazing. This picture isn’t great because I was scarfing it down…and honestly this was my second bowl haha.

I followed the recipe pretty closely, except I used ground turkey in place of beef. I also used Rotel instead of just tomatoes because it was what I had. But I will definitely be making this again! And who knew you’d ever want to put coffee IN your chili??

I’ll absolutely never used packets of chili mix again.


Make this soon. You won’t regret it.

Meal Planning for the week!

Sunday again! I haven’t made a meal plan in a while, so it felt good to sit down and do that today. My computer is slightly broken, so it was back to good ol’ pencil and paper. 🙂


I decided to start doing a theme for each day of the week to make it fun and keep us from getting bored. Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday (pretty big Mexican food eaters), Wild Wednesday (new foods, spicy foods), Theme Thursday (cultural dishes, raw, grilled), Fishy Friday, Sandwich Saturday, and Lazy Sunday (for leftovers or easy foods during football season). The kids already seem excited about it. I’m thinking of putting up a dry erase board with our days labeled.

So I made a menu, using ideas from the kids, ideas of foods we typically eat, and a few new recipes from my ChaLEAN and Eat-Clean cookbooks. Wanted to get a little variety in there. Then I made my list and went to the commissary to get our food for the week. Really hoping I don’t have to shop again until next Sunday.

Trying to watch my budget again, so starting with this week, I will be saving all of my receipts. That way I can total it at the end of the month. Today I spent about $145, and that should last us until Sunday. About $20 was a splurge on sushi for tonight’s dinner because I can’t even remember the last time I’ve eaten any. Another $10 was for a razor because I left mine in a hotel during our move. Boo. I also tossed in a spaghetti squash, some frozen English muffins, an extra pack of ground turkey, some veggie burgers, and some pasta that I bought with a coupon – none of that was on this week’s menu, but it will roll over to next week. So that should even out. It isn’t helping that I’m starting with a mostly bare kitchen!! But I’m trying to take it slowly and not go buy everything all at once. We are mostly eating fresh produce and some lean meat though, so it isn’t so bad.

What are YOU planning to eat this week?