My Schwinn Cycle Certification Experience

Just yesterday, I told my boyfriend I didn’t know how or when I became the person I am today. I used to have ZERO interest in fitness, I drank coke for breakfast, and hit up McDonald’s multiple times per week. I was skinny but so unhealthy. And I was so shy and socially awkward that I was even too afraid to call and order pizza or ask the movie store if the new hot summer hit was available for rental.

So much great information packed into this one day!

Somehow, all of that changed. And today I added yet another fitness certification to my collection  — today I because a Schwinn Indoor Cycle Coach.

Honestly, I’ve only taken a cycle/spin class a few times. And that’s mostly because when I did try it, my butt was sore for a week, so I was afraid to try it again! Apparently they make padded shorts for that, but I still don’t own a pair. Interestingly enough, I completed my nine hour training today that included two bike rides and my booty didn’t even fall off! Maybe it had something to do with learning how to properly adjust the positioning of my bike… something instructors never taught me before.

So the day started with a LOT of learning. Learning about the parts of the bike, how to do a Quick Fit and a Performance Fit for class participants, and a little hands on practice adjusting the bike. Apparently I’ve been working out too much, because I turned the resistance knob one too many times and broke my partner’s bike. Oops.

The bike I accidentally Hulk-smashed. The pieces that fell out of it are sitting on the seat, haha. Oops, sorry Life Time Fitness!

Getting my learn on from Master Trainer Skip Jennings

After the bike breaking incident, we learned more and more and more about bikes and cycling and class design. Aahh! So much to take in, but it was all SO informative! Seriously, there wasn’t a moment in this class where I felt like my time was wasted.

We ended the morning session with a one hour cycle class. I was really nervous about it. As I said, I hadn’t really had the best experiences with cycling in the past because it just hurt my butt so bad! And I remember my legs being really sore as well, which is something I didn’t need to happen because I am teaching INSANITY tomorrow morning. In the end, it was a GREAT workout and I really enjoyed it! The hour seemed to go by super fast, probably because of the music and the great coaching from Skip. 😉

Then…lunch happened. All you see in this picture was gone in less than 15 minutes. And that included some texting while chewing bites of food.

I regret nothing.

We finished up the day talking about how to make our classes truly an enjoyable experience for our participants, and I really learned a lot of things that I can incorporate into all of my fitness classes. Motivation, ways to connect with others, music ideas to use. Ohhhh, music is truly my favorite part of a workout. One song can strongly affect my level of motivation, even when I feel like I have no energy left. This remix of “Run This Town” was one we listened to during our second workout today and I LOVE IT! Unfortunately I can’t find it on iTunes or Spotify, so if you happen to find it, please leave a comment or message me and let me know! I really want to add this to my running playlist while I train for the Colfax Half Marathon.

So here I am, freshly certified and fully exhausted. I’m excited to put what I’ve learned into practice so I will be ready to sub some classes and one day lead my own!

Staying #BOSUStrong!!


This week is the very last week of the #bosustrong challenge that has inspired me to seek more balance in my workouts and my life. Before starting the challenge, my goal was to incorporate the BOSU in most of my workouts and now that we’re in the final week I plan to stick to my plan and stay #BOSUStrong all week!

This week we’re focusing on the things that make us BOSUStrong. Here are the 10 things that make me #BOSUStrong:

I am motivated to do my best.
I will always be healthy inspiration to others.
I never quit.
I do what makes me happy.
I love to teach fitness to encourage others to sweat happy.
I am inspired to learn new ways to teach and inspire others.
I love to encourage others to push themselves to do things they didn’t realize they were capable of doing.
I have a strong support system of my own.
I am proud of my challengers, my fellow coaches, and my family.
I hope to be able to maintain balance in my workouts and in my life.

So I want to know – are you #BOSUStrong? Copy and paste the above, fill it in and make it your own and then tag me in it and share with your friends! Let’s all be #BOSUSTRONG.
The daily prompts are below. You can also follow along HERE.


Monday, 10/5: It’s #moveitmonday. Show us how you’re moving it this Monday. #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Y’all know we love to #jumpjoymonday! Show us your BEST jump shot and tag @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Tuesday, 10/6: It’s #tempotuesday! Show us what makes you #BosuStrong! @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Bonus: It’s #triceptuesday and we want to see what makes you #BosuStrong. #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Wednesday, 10/7: Planks, planks and more planks! Plank it out and show us how you’re #BosuStrong @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Bonus: #workitwednesday, show us how you’re workin’ it this Wednesday and tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Thursday, 10/8: It’s #totalbodythursday. Show us your favorite total body move – the one that truly makes you feel #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Give us a #tbt of your favorite moment of this challenge #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Friday, 10/9: #FreeFriday. Show us your #BOSUstrong! #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Happy #forearmfriday. Let’s all celebrate the final day of the challenge with dolphin pose! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad


Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by BOSU but all opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Fit Approach (Sweat Pink) community.

Six Ways I Stay Balanced in Life

If you forgot to join me last week for the #BOSUStrong challenge or just weren’t up for the cardio, make sure you join me this week as it’s all about the balance! We’re standing on one leg, lunging, and squatting our way through the week.

But balance means more than just being able to stand on one leg, it also means being able to do what you love while making healthy choices at the same time. It means putting in the work and still finding time for rest and recovery. Or eating the veggies and protein but balancing it out with cheese fries.

Is butter a carb?

Is butter a carb?

Here are the 6 ways I stay balanced – what are yours?

  • I make time for myself by scheduling fun time alone and date nights with my sweetie.
  • My favorite me time is a glass of wine and a hot bath – especially after a hard workout.
  • My rule when it comes to a balanced diet is if it fits your macros, eat it.
  • I make fitness a priority by scheduling it rather than trying to fit it in.
  • When I get stressed or overwhelmed, my go to is running or lifting heavy with LOUD music in my ears.
  • I do share chores as well as fun activities to help my family stay balanced.

So I want to know – are you #BOSUStrong? Copy and paste the above, fill it in and make it your own and then tag me in it and share with your friends! Let’s all be #BOSUSTRONG.

The daily prompts are below. You can also follow along HERE.

This isn't as easy as it looks.

This isn’t as easy as it looks.

Week 2, it’s all about that BALANCE (9/21-9/25):

(Make sure you tag @Bosu_Fitness on Instagram & @BosuFitness on Twitter):

    • Monday, 9/21: Happy Monday sweaties, this week we’re all about that balance. Let’s see you stand on one leg – ready, set, GO! #BosuStrong #SweatPink #FitFamily @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
      • Bonus: Y’all know we love to #jumpjoymonday! Show us your BEST jump shot and tag @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad
    • Tuesday, 9/22: We want to see you #dropitlikeasquat…on your BOSU or perhaps one leg? #BosuStrong #SweatPink #FitFamily @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
      • Bonus: It’s time for #treetuesday! Show us your best tree pose. @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad
    • Wednesday, 9/23: Let’s lunge it out sweaties! #BosuStrong #SweatPink #FitFamily @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
      • Bonus: #workitwednesday, show us how you’re workin’ it this Wednesday and tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
    • Thursday, 9/24:  It’s #totalbodythursday. Show us your favorite total body balance  move! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
      • Bonus: Give us a #tbt of a time when you really challenged your balance (feel free to get creative!) #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
    • Friday, 9/25: #FreeFriday. Show us your favorite way to get your balance on! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
      • Bonus: Happy #forearmfriday. Let’s forearm plank it out y’all! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Notes: You do not need to own or have access to a BOSU to participate. By participating you will have a chance to win a BOSU and other fun prizes. And please, if you are using a BOSU throughout this challenge, never stand on your BOSU with the dome facing down (images or moves down on the BOSU incorrectly will not count during this challenge).

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by BOSU but all opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Fit Approach (Sweat Pink) community.

#TransformationTuesday of Sorts

My last blog post was about being strong, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Since writing that post, I have really reflected on where I am currently in my life, and how that compares to the person I used to be.

I’ve written before about my fitness journey, how my life changed since I became a Beachbody coach 2.5 years ago, and how I’ve grown throughout the process. But I don’t really talk much about the person I was even before then.

Growing up, I remember being very shy. I was a smart, quiet girl who had good grades in school without needing to study, but had very few friends. I had no idea how to talk to kids my age and often felt like an outcast. I was the very definition of a “painfully shy” child. Assignments that required speaking in front of the class made me turn beet red and sweat buckets. I came very close to having a panic attack in college when I had to give my first speech.

Even into young adulthood, I continued being socially awkward. I wanted friends, and I had a few who were close to me, but I was never comfortable in new situations or when meeting new people. My self-esteem was so low that when one boy gave me attention, I wasn’t sure whether to grab on for dear life or run far away. I married my high school sweetheart and had my daughter fairly young. When our marriage went sour, I had an extremely difficult time getting out of the relationship. I struggled with anxiety and depression, and didn’t see value within myself. I was an emotional wreck without the strength I needed to pick myself up and move toward a more positive place. I hit rock bottom. I tried to take my own life because I truly felt that my daughter would be better off without me. Luckily, I failed.

I went to therapy for a year, and felt like I had some strength and control of my life. I moved on, dated a string of men, and tried to find someone to be my “other half.” I needed attention and needed to feel like I was loved and wanted. While I knew that I needed to be mentally well on my own, I still couldn’t stand to be alone. Eventually, I met my second husband and we got married. I was jealous, anxious, and untrusting of him… mostly due to my own insecurities. I never felt pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, or good enough. I ended up in therapy again, and tried to really practice the healthy thinking that I knew I needed. But it was always a struggle to keep my mind in a positive place.

Then I found Beachbody, and my life slowly changed.

Today, I stayed at home while my kids were in school. I practice a new PiYo workout because I am teaching fitness classes in two separate gyms on Thursday. I created a video to share on social media of me – in my perfectly imperfect body – doing a portion of a workout. I supported my online challengers and lead my team of coaches. I applied to be a contributor to a running blog as a guest writer. Sure there was a tiny voice that said I may not be good enough and I may not be the type of writer they are looking for…but I applied anyway. Just a few days ago I broadcasted my first ever Periscope — seriously?! Live video!! Of a workout! What if I messed up, what if I did it wrong… and in the end…so what. What if I didn’t?

Posting videos of myself online, teaching fitness classes in 4 gyms/studios, flying to LA to be filmed for a P90X workout, training for a bikini competition, being an entrepreneur and running my own coaching business, applying to be an ambassador for a local marathon (and being selected!), and continually taking risks in my life… These are things that make me emotional when I really think about what I’m doing right now. This was NOT the type of person I was, and isn’t even CLOSE to the type of person I ever thought I would be. There are times I get scared, times I get nervous and sweaty and red in the face, and times I get the urge to crawl under the blankets and hide because I am afraid.

And then I look at how far I’ve come, and I hold my head up, and run straight forward into my future. Because I am strong and I am worth it.


P90X Live Part 2 – Filming Beachbody On Demand Challenge Du Jour

Surreal. That’s the one word to sum up my experience in filming a P90X Live workout for Beachbody. It was crazy, exciting, intense, exhausting…and I would do it again in a minute if they asked me.

Here’s how it went down.

My girl, Leigh, had a connecting flight in Denver so we were able to meet up at the airport and fly to Burbank together. There, we rented a car and drove to Van Nuys to find our hotel and the studio. Of course, I had to take a picture with the Beachbody van when I saw it.

Sorry, Tony! Shaun T is my man.

Sorry, Tony! Shaun T is my man.

We arrived a little earlier than we needed to, so we waited around for a while and chatted with the other cast members as they arrived. We met the other two coaches who were going to be filming P90X with us, as well as the master trainer who was leading the workout. Rawlins Apilado was hilarious, full of energy, and made me feel instantly comfortable and confident that the shoot was going to be awesome.

Two additional sets in the "waiting" area of the studio.

Two additional sets in the “waiting” area of the studio.

We eventually got to practice some of the moves and go over details for how the shoot would work. We went on set and got a feel for the layout and what to expect the next day. Our call time was the earliest one on the schedule, so we needed to return bright and early and ready to work(out)!!

That night we ate (carb loading is what I would call it), walked around Universal Studios in Hollywood, and met up with some friends. We went back to the hotel and crashed, amazingly able to sleep without the anticipation and excitement keeping us awake.

Yay hotel. A little scary on the outside, but the beds didn't have bugs. I call that a win.

Yay hotel. A little scary on the outside, but the beds didn’t have bugs. I call that a win.

The next morning we showed up right on time, ready to rock! We had to do a couple of wardrobe changes before the shoot began; luckily we were prepared with extra clothes! We got to test out Energize, the pre-workout drink from Beachbody’s new Performance Line of fitness supplements. Surprisingly, it had a good taste and didn’t make me feel jittery!

Leigh's #sameface

Leigh’s #sameface

After we got energized up, we were ready to shoot! One more wardrobe change for me at the last minute, and we began. Danielle and Darren Natoni were two other master trainers who were participants in the workout with us. Joseph and Velani joined us as cast members in the back. We shot the workout in one continuous take, no pausing to fix mistakes or take breaks. It was tough!! I modified to protect my hip (didn’t want to cause further injury) and I was STILL dying in the middle. By the time we got to the calf jump squats, I wanted to fall in the floor. And of COURSE that was exactly when Rawlins called attention to me and told everyone I was doing an advanced move and was keeping my heels off the floor the whole time! Owwww, my legs were total jello. It was tough, but I did my best! Fear of looking silly on camera kept me going haha. Although…I’m a little anxious to see what crazy faces I was making….

That's post workout glow right there.

That’s post workout glow right there.

After the workout, we hydrated and took a bunch of pictures. We all wanted to capture this moment forever!

Rawlins being SILLY again!

Rawlins being SILLY again!

We finished early, so what else was there to do but eat some amazing food and see the sights?! We grabbed some yummy brunch at BLD in LA and then drove up to the observatory to get a good view of the sign!

Spanish omelette for me and french toast to share! YUM.

Spanish omelette for me and french toast to share! YUM.

Look, it's the famous sign!

Look, it’s the famous sign!

We spent the rest of the day in Hollywood checking out the Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theater, shopping, and driving down Rodeo Drive. It was so amazing and we can’t wait to go back! I never before thought my life could be anything like this, but this experience felt so….right. Like it could be “normal” for me. I am thankful that being a coach and an instructor has provided me with the opportunity to experience this…

…and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Trouble Losing Weight? How to Deal with the Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau

A weight loss plateau has to be one of the most frustrating, discouraging things in the world. Even worse than trying to recreate a beautiful Pinterest recipe or craft, which you know will ultimately end up on Pinterest Fail. Accept it.

This is typically my luck. Darn you, Pinterest, for making me feel like a failure!!

This is typically my luck. Darn you, Pinterest, for making me feel like a failure!!

While a stall or plateau can make you want to throw in the towel and say “WHY EVEN TRY ANYMOOOOREEE?!!!”…let’s try to keep a few things in mind:

  • Why did you start? Is it enough to keep you from quitting? Don’t be a quitter. Those guys are no fun.
  • What was your ultimate goal? Are you trying to reach a specific weight because someone held a gun to your head and told you to? Or do you want to be healthy?
  • Exercise and eating well should be a lifestyle change, not a short term fix so you fit in those jeans.
  • A successful journey rarely travels in a straight line. There are bound to be curves, detours, hills and valleys. Don’t sit down in the middle of the road just because the path you’re on isn’t a direct one with the most scenic route and Ryan Gosling cheering you on all the way.

Although…that would make it oh so satisfying.

Anything you say, Ryan. ::swoon::

Anything you say, Ryan. ::swoon::

Ok, back to reality. Ryan Gosling may not “Hey Girl” to you as you sweat away those calories, but you can look at some different reasons for why you may not be progressing to try to get things moving again:

  1. Look at what you’re eating. And I don’t mean watch the cupcake as it enters your mouth. Really – WHAT are you eating? Are the foods clean? Are you drinking more soda or juice or coffee than water? Are you snacking on food that your kids leave behind? (We all do it, trust me.) Did you have one, two, five, or ten cheats last week? If you aren’t consistently fueling your body with proper nutrition, you probably won’t reach your goals.
  2. In addition to WHAT you’re eating, how MUCH are you eating? We all know that eating too much will cause you to gain weight, but also eating too LITTLE will make you gain weight. Seriously! It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes increasing your calories will actually let your body know it isn’t starving and it will go back to burning fat again instead of holding onto it like a 2 year old with a death grip on his new toy.
  3. Your macros may be out of balance. By that, I mean that your body works best when it has a proper balance of carbs, proteins, and fats. There are 50 bajillion diets out there, and I honestly don’t recommend ANY of them except portion control. Again – that doesn’t mean limit what you eat to the point that you are starving, but it does mean you should eat the proper foods in proportion to each other. Pair complex carbs with protein. Don’t avoid healthy fats. Eat foods from EVERY group. If you need help with portion control and knowing how much of each type of food to eat, the 21 Day Fix or the Portion Control program is perfect to help with that.
  4. Drink more water. You should aim for half your body weight in ounces of water per day. If you weigh 140 pounds, drink 70 oz of water. If you’re 200 pounds, drink 100 oz. Get it? Simple math. When you’re dehydrated, your kidneys can’t function properly, so the body turns to the liver for help. Because the liver is working so hard, what you consume is stored rather than burned off. Also, if you don’t drink enough water, your poop isn’t going to exit quite as much as it should. Not only will you feel bad, but you will hold onto that weight. Not fun. Drink water and poop it out.
  5. You don’t have the right vitamins and minerals to make your body work properly. Did you know vitamin deficiencies will cause you to not lose weight? Yeah, the girl who had super low levels of B12 and D3 can tell you firsthand. At the very least, make sure you take a good multivitamin daily. If you can, ask your doctor to check your labs to make sure you aren’t deficient in one area or another. And of course I’m going to recommend Shakeology daily, because it’s what has helped me to raise my B12 levels to a healthy range so I was able to stop my weekly injections. (Did you know Shakeology was clinically proven to lower A1C levels and cholesterol too? True story.)
  6. Moving beyond nutrition…you may need to alter your workouts. If you’ve been doing the same types of exercise for a while, your body may have gotten used to it. Try something different and see how your body responds to a new challenge.
  7. Lift heavy. Many people think that cardio is what they need to burn fat and get skinny. While you rarely see many overweight Kenyan marathoners, cardio isn’t the most efficient way to lose weight and reshape your body. Strength training will actually skyrocket your metabolism and help you to burn fat even AFTER your workout is over. Want more bang for your buck? Lift weights with very little recovery time between sets, so that your heart rate stays elevated even while you strength train. And YES, women need to lift heavy weights. NO, women won’t get bulky without actually TRYING to get bulky. Get over that fear.
  8. Sleep. Relax. Take a day off. Do NOT work out every single day. Your body builds muscle and repairs when you sleep. Aim for at least one day per week with no workout.
  9. Be patient. Your thighs weren’t built in a day, and they aren’t going to look like Giselle’s in a day either. Sometimes your body stalls just as it is preparing to start dropping weight again. It takes time and consistency. Don’t quit, don’t give up, and don’t let your mind get in the way. Even the 21 Day Fix isn’t a 21 day FIX. It’s 21 days to build a habit so that you end up living a healthier lifestyle. No quick fixes here, people. Hold your horses, change is gonna happen.

One final note…I often have clients and challengers who are in my private support groups who worry that they’ve been exercising for a week or two or five and they haven’t lost any weight. I know it concerns them, but that in itself doesn’t immediately raise red flags for me.

Here’s why: Weight by itself does NOT tell your story. A better indicator of progress would be inches, pictures, how your clothes fit, how you feel, how much energy you have, and your medical records (cholesterol, blood sugar, etc). It’s possible to drop more than one dress size but actually GAIN weight because muscle is more dense than fat! It takes up less room, so your body is getting smaller and tighter, but your weight is increasing. The scale can be beneficial in some ways, but in some ways it can derail your progress by making you stress unnecessarily.

Also, if you are working hard and exercising to the point that your muscles are getting sore (DOMS), your body is most likely holding on to water while it repairs your muscles! Again – that can appear to be weight gain but it isn’t like you just packed on 5 pounds of fat overnight. Keep pushing forward and it will work itself out in the long run. I promise.

A great article I stumbled across recently is here, and is one that I recommend to everyone. If you want my help with meal planning, tweaking your exercise program, or figuring out what is going to work best for you – contact me! The contact tab up there is full of ways you can find me, or just email me at and I’ll get back to you!


***Disclaimer – I am not a nutritionist/dietician/doctor, and I am not in any way trained to diagnose or treat medical problems. I am a personal trainer and coach who is only sharing knowledge and experiences that I have gained from research, my own fitness journey, and that of my clients/challengers. If you have serious difficulties with weight loss that isn’t receptive to proper nutrition or exercise, please seek the advice of a medical professional. You may have a hormonal imbalance or other health condition that is interfering with your metabolism and ability to reach a healthy weight.***

This is me…being honest

Ok you guys. I am having some pretty strong emotions today, and I just have to be real with all of you. If you never read any of my blog posts, please read this one all the way through.

I have one burning question that I can’t get out of my mind… WHY AREN’T YOU A BEACHBODY COACH?!!!

Simple enough question, and if this question is directed at you, I can probably guess your response:

*I’m not really into fitness.
*I don’t like to work out.
*I’m not in great shape.
*I don’t like to sell things.
*I don’t have time.
*It’s not my thing.

Some of those reasons are legit, and some of them aren’t. Do you think I liked to work out when I started? NOPE. I wasn’t in great shape. One of the first things I told my sponsoring coach, Kelly, was that I didn’t want to sell anything (and I still don’t sell). Do you think a single mom of two who teaches full time has extra TIME? Not really. But I do it anyway. I actually enjoy coaching, which is a plus. 😉

The reason I am so fired up today is because I just did a little digging. Someone on my team mentioned how much her income had changed in just ONE YEAR. Last October, she made $58.44 as a coach. She had just signed up in July 2013, so she had only been active for about 3 months (and she didn’t even become a coach to make money — she just wanted that 25% discount on her monthly Shakeology order).  This year, this October, she made $942.64. That’s a HUGE increase in just ONE YEAR. Yes, all caps, because I’m shouting. SHOUTING. What could you do with $900?? Especially if you’re a SAHM like she is? That’s a mortgage for some people. Two car payments. Groceries. Savings for your kids’ college funds.

So when she disclosed her change in income, I got curious. What was the difference in MY income in just one year. Well….here you go. Full disclosure:

October 2013 – $265.96

commissions Oct 2013

October 2014 – $763.44

Commissions Oct 2014

I promise you, I’m not trying to brag. I’m not. I mean, one of my coaches in my downline made MORE this past month than I did. If anything, SHE should be bragging. My point in posting this is to show you that there is a HUGE opportunity here. HUGE. And this is just the beginning. I started seriously coaching in July 2013…and I’m making over $700 a month now. Is that a crazy amount? Not at all. But for a teacher, a single mom of two, someone who is in the process of buying a new home and is making every penny count….yeah, an extra $700 can do a LOT for us. And I’m not stopping here. My friend who is a coach above me is making over TRIPLE what I make each month. That’s like bringing home double my teacher’s salary. All from just helping people reach their health and fitness goals.

No, this isn’t a pyramid scheme. No, I don’t have home parties. No, I’m not perfect! I eat Halloween candy and I like Starbucks, and sometimes I really don’t want to exercise. I just want to be lazy on my couch. BUT…this is my job. My second job. And I treat it as such, and not like a hobby. I have gotten to where I am by working hard and putting in the time to be a better person and coach. And because of that, I believe that this company can help me make a change in my life, both financially and in health, and I want to help others do the same.

I don’t tell you this because I’m trying to recruit more people on my team so I can make more money. If you know me, you know that isn’t my intention at all. I tell you this because I want to help YOU be more financially stable and have that level of comfort for your family. The holidays are coming up fast, and I don’t plan to use credit to buy gifts this year. I will be using my Beachbody money for that extra expense. If you want to join me, if you are getting fired up too, if you want some extra spending money or maybe you want to QUIT your full time job so you can spend more time with your family… PLEASE send me a message. Why wait? Think of where you could be in just one year’s time…or less. Let’s do this.

I’m Still Here!

Wow, it has been over a month since my last blog! Oops. I promise I haven’t disappeared! I’ve just been so incredibly busy that I haven’t been able to even focus on writing. I’ve wanted to blog…but I guess you could say I had writer’s block. I dunno.

anybody home

Anyway, I’m here now! And I have LOTS of ideas to write about, so I plan to get back into it! A little about what’s been going on with me…

  • I’ve been studying CONSTANTLY for my personal training certification through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). There is so much information to learn about the body and the science of fitness, and it takes a lot of time and energy to remember it all! I will be spending 75% of my time this week studying and re-studying. Is that a word? I might have just made that one up.
  • I also recently became a certified instructor for PiYo Strength, which is super cool! If you haven’t heard of PiYo Strength classes, you may want to check out this video and then see if any classes are offered in your area! I am fine-tuning my skills and ability to teach this class live, and will be offering it in my city within the next month. I’m pumped about that, which is great because I have people patiently waiting for the class to open!

Here’s my pretty little certificate showing that I passed the course. 🙂

PiYo Strength Certificate photo

  • I also started getting my feet wet with leading fitness classes at my new favorite gym. My instructor has been very helpful and has let me assist her with calling out reps and demonstrating the moves during our workouts. It has pushed me to work myself even harder, and I’m loving the opportunity to learn all I can from her! Hopefully I can help her offer more classes in the future, when I’m not so busy with teaching.

Which leads me to another thing…teaching. I’m both happy and sad to say that this may be the last year I teach special education. I’ve enjoyed teaching for 11 years now, but with my husband’s career and our kids getting into more activities as they get older, we think it may be best for me to put teaching aside – at least for a while. So this next year, I will not be returning as a special ed teacher. No more full days in the classroom. Instead, I will be doing a little part-time work at my kids’ school, and the rest of my time will be spent coaching and training. I love fitness so much, why not make it my job?!! 🙂 This will also give me a lot more time with my family, without coming home from work exhausted and grumpy. That’s never fun.

What is fun is that I will be able to have time helping more of YOU reach your fitness and nutrition goals! I can’t wait to get my personal training certification and start teaching classes regularly. In the meantime, feel free to message me here or on Facebook if you have questions about anything!

Want to join in on my newest 21 Day Clean Eating challenge? No purchases or Shakeology required. 😉 Send me a note, and you’ll be added to our closed group on Facebook! Have a happy Sunday!

Not THAT kind of clean eating!

Not THAT kind of clean eating!

P90X3 The Warrior Review

I didn’t forget about this one, I promise. Actually, I had previewed this disk before I ever started P90X3…and then I lost it. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.

It was in my other DVD player upstairs. Oops.

So now that I have it again, I finally did my review of the workout! This is a non-stop (mostly), balls-to-the-wall workout. It had me huffing and puffing for real. So – here’s what it’s all about:


Materials: You don’t really need anything but yourself and a good pair of shoes. And some water. You’ll want water.

Like most other workouts, you start with a warmup. Four minutes of jogging, jacks, pivot/twist, arm circles, leg stretches, etc… Then down to business.

1. Plank Sphinx Push-ups

So these are fun. Heh. Starting out with a serious move. Start in plank, then move to sphinx (or plank on your elbows), then back up to plank, and then do push-ups as long as Tony tells you to. Back to plank, sphinx, plank, sphinx, plank, push-ups…Tony can make a minute feel like five REALLY fast.

1 plank sphinx pushups

2. Speed Skater

If you know how a speed skater moves, you can imagine how this move works. You sort of glide/hop from side to side, when Tony tells you to do singles. Then he moves to doubles – and you do your glide/hop thing to the right with an extra hop, and again over to the left. I have no idea if you know what I’m talking about, but I can see it in my head. See my picture? Yep, that’s what it looks like. Lol.

2 speed skater

3. Down Dog Crunches

I actually kind of like these – does that make me weird? The video shows you exactly how to do this, but I’ll type it out as well. You start in down dog, then raise your right leg high in the air. Then bring your right knee to your right elbow. Raise it back up high in the air, then bring it to your forehead (haha, right). Raise it up again, then bring the right knee to the left elbow. Then repeat the process with the left leg.

4. Side lunge jump shot

This one feels like something you’d do at basketball practice. You lunge over to one side, kind of like you’re picking up a basketball, and then explode up and pretend to shoot a basket. And repeat. You’ll do this on one side, and then do it again on the other (I usually go right to left).

4 side lunge jump shot

Now we have about 20:00 left. We get a quick break for 30 seconds. Drink your water.

5. Elevator Push-ups

These may be my least favorite of the day. You start in a plank/push-up position – this is the top floor. Tony tells you to go to the middle floor, so you hover halfway down. Bottom floor is hovering as low as you can go in push-up position. He calls out the floors, and you move up and down. Ouch. I end up modifying by dropping to my knees.

5 elevator pushups

6. Double Uppercut Sprawls

Well here’s a little cardio recovery. Kind of. Start out with your right leg forward. Do two right uppercuts, two left uppercuts, then sprawl – which is kind of like a wide burpee down and back up. After you do this for a minute on the right, then switch to having your left leg forward and lead with the left arm first. Not too bad, except your arms should start getting tired somewhere around here.

6 double uppercut sprawls

7. Roller Boat

What is it with Tony and these boats? He really likes them. You go into a boat, or C-sit whatever you want to call it. Then after you hold it for a while, you roll backwards to basically give your abs a break. Then roll back up into boat. FUN.

7 roller boat

8. One Leg Jump Squats

Self-explanatory – you put 90% of your weight on one leg, 10% on the other. Squat down on that one leg while reaching toward the floor, then jump up. And again. And again. Switch to the other leg when the first leg is finished. Simple enough.

8 one leg jump squats

Now we are down to about 14:00 left. Quick break! Drink more water.

9. Thumbs Up Push-up

Nope, I lied. I hate this one more than the elevator push-ups. Mostly because I am not the best at balancing. You do a push-up, then put your right hand out (thumbs up!) and your left leg up. Then back to push-up, and repeat with left hand out and right leg up. This can be modified with knee push-ups and keeping that knee down when you lift the arm and leg.

9 thumps up pushup

10. Elbow, over the top elbow, sprawl

I guess in MMA style fighting, they fight with their elbows? Sounds painful. Anyway this move involves “punching” with your right elbow, then doing an over the top hit with your other elbow, then down to a sprawl. Kind of like #6 Double Uppercut Sprawls, except with your elbows. You do the right side first, then switch to the left.

10 elbow

11. Fifer Scissor Twist

I had a little helper with this one. 🙂 You’re supposed to try to keep your legs straight, but I’m not quite that flexible yet. Bring your right leg straight up, and reach your left hand to the outside of that foot. Switch legs and arms when Tony says so…but watch out because sometimes he fakes conversation just to keep you there a little longer. What a jerk.

11 fifer scissor twist

12. Warrior Squat Lunges

Oh Tony, always trying to make people laugh. That doesn’t really work when they are exhausted and they kind of don’t like you anymore. This starts out with a Billy Idol fist pump (really), then squat down and reach the right arm to the left foot. Then explode back into a lunge while reaching that hand up high. Jump back into the squat. Jump back into the lunge. Total of 15 on that side, then switch and do 15 on the other side. Sing “Cradle of Love” while you do it. Kidding.

12 warrior squat lunges

We have 7:28 left. Yes, I wrote that down to the second. You’d be counting seconds too if you were doing this. Quick :30 break. Don’t sit down.

13. Super Burpee

Ok, the first time I saw these, I was like WTF, that will never happen. This time, I actually tried to do the real version. I obviously can NOT get my legs up as high as Tony or the other guy in the video, but I do try. For your viewing pleasure, because it’s easier than explaining with words:

14. Think Drills

Quick movements, getting the heart rate up, shuffling, moving when Tony calls out orders…to include the bunny face. I did it just for the photos. I normally don’t do it because I think it’s stupid. But I’m here to show you what you get when you order P90X3. So there. Bunny face.

14 think drills

15. Abrinome

Kind of like a metronome, get it? But for your abs? Ok. Flat on your back, legs up at 90 degrees. Lean your straight legs over to the left for as long as he says, then over to the right. Each time you lean over is one rep, with a total of 8 reps. This burns. If you need to modify, bend your knees a bit.

15 abrinomeYes, I still have tape on my floor from Agility X.

16. Spiderman Squats

Last one! Squat down with one hand on the floor, and do a 1/4 turn into another squat, and back again. After a few seconds, you start doing a 1/2 turn. These I can do ok. It’s when Tony tries to throw in the full 360 degree turn that I can’t make it. And I don’t want to puke or bust my head on my fireplace bricks, so I may just stick to 1/2 turns. No shame in that.

16 spiderman squats

And we finish up with the Burnout – depth charges where you explode up into a jump, then slowly release back down into a squat. This is a full minute and you want to die.

The end. Two minute cooldown and it’s over.

This is a great workout, and you may hate it the first time. After that, you are able to do more and you feel stronger. It’s a great full-body blast, which is what this is all about, right?

P90X3 The Challenge Review

I won’t lie, I fully expected to hate today’s workout. I previewed it a few days ago and it did NOT look fun! Push-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, repeat, repeat, repeat…. Haha yeah, uh, NO.


But this afternoon I did the workout and it wasn’t that bad! Of course, I can’t do one single pull-up or chin-up, but I did modify. I actually underestimated how many pull downs and push-ups I could do. I’ll have to increase next week.

I used the strongest band I own, and quickly realized that if I wrapped the band around my stairs more, and moved farther away from the rails, it increased the difficulty. That was a good thing. I want it to be difficult so that I build strength.


Oh right almost forgot…

Length: 30 minutes, as always.

Materials: pull-up bar or resistance band (no bars here)


We start out with a warmup, but really only warming up the upper body since that is what’s being worked.

Each participant gave a number for the amount of pull-ups and push-ups they planned to do each set. I went with 20 pull-ups/pull downs and 10 push-ups.

Then straight into the fun: wide pull-ups.

Again, I stuck with Alice and modified. I still felt like I got a burn, but not as much as I should have. I will increase my reps next time to 30 per set.


Sorry, no fancy-pants pictures of me doing push-ups. And I don’t use special handles like they did. Just hands on the floor for me. But here is my worksheet where I wrote down what I was able to do. See those 10 REAL push-ups at the beginning?!! That was a bit of a surprise!!


For the burnout, I used 12 pound dumbbells to do a bicep curl and press instead of a pull-up, then I did 3 push-ups. I only got 3 rounds in before my arms were total jelly. I’ll call that a success.

So next time I will be doing 30 pull downs with an isometric hold during each one. I’ll also do 15 push-ups during each set (I know my worksheet says 30/10, I’ll fix that). One of the most important parts of this program is knowing your limits, and pushing past that to failure. And next time, you push even farther. THAT is where you grow. THAT is where you find change. Outside of your comfort zone.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.