So many workouts, not enough time and energy…

Well this is a problem I never thought I’d have.

I actually have MORE workouts that I want to do, and not enough time or energy to do them all! I’ve been practicing my PiYo workouts as well as teaching live classes, and while those workouts are great, they really take a lot of time! Not to mention, they exhaust me. I burn about as many calories doing a PiYo workout as I do with an INSANITY workout. No joke.

Disgustingly sweaty after just 45 minutes of PiYo. #piyoproblems

I love to run and I want to be able to hit the pavement 2-3 times per week, but I just can’t seem to get out there during the week! I’m never going to prepare for my half-marathon if I don’t work in some 3 mile runs soon. I want to start prepping for INSANITY and P90X Live classes that I will start teaching soon, but I also want to be able to lift my weights so I can work on my OWN goals of getting lean and sexy.

Have you ever tried to do burpees or Death Stars after a heavy leg day? It isn't pretty.

Have you ever tried to do burpees or Death Stars after a heavy leg day? It isn’t pretty.

The only solution I can think of for this problem is to just schedule my workouts a month at a time. As my body gets used to running, teaching PiYo weekly, and adding in some strength days here and there, I think I will be able to fit my personal workouts in with my classes and not worry about over-training. The best thing about PiYo is that it’s a great complement to both running and strength training, as it increases flexibility and builds core strength and balance. And with ZERO impact, it doesn’t add to the wear and tear of my body!

Gettin' sexy and flexy

Gettin’ sexy and flexy

As I get closer to my race date – which isn’t until May 2016, so I have plenty of time – I’ll gradually cut back on some of my cardio workouts and just focus on running, strength, and stretching. At least… in my head… it sounds like a good way to plan.

Do you have any tips for working on multiple fitness goals at once? How do you ensure balance and avoid overtraining injury?

Do you want to try PiYo at home? Join in my next challenge group and I will support you!

Summer Vanilla Shakeology

I wasn’t really sure what to name this recipe, but it seems like a great drink for summertime – so there you go!

For this recipe, I used:

  • One container of coconut water
  • Half a banana
  • Half of a watermelon Chobani  yogurt (you could use the full cup)
  • Vanilla Shakeology
  • Ice

I blended it all up with some ice – DONE! It was pretty tasty!

A friend recommended a similar recipe, but she added fresh mint leaves before blending. I didn’t have any fresh mint — and I checked by biting some of the herbs I had in my fridge. Definitely NOT mint leaves. Yuck.

If you try this one, I’d love to hear what you think! Drop a comment or send me a message on Facebook. Enjoy!

How to Meal Plan for the 21 Day Fix


((Edit: You can watch my YouTube video here if you would rather hear me talk through the steps of meal planning. Otherwise, keep reading below!!))

How do you meal plan? How am I supposed to figure out these containers? How can I follow this guide and still feed my family? I don’t want to make different meals for myself and my family!

Make sure you grab your book before you start planning!

Make sure you grab your book before you start planning!

I hear this often, and they are legit concerns! When you first get your nutrition guide and try to tackle meal planning, it’s almost enough to make you throw in the towel. And some people get so frustrated that they do just that. But don’t let meal planning be what stops you from sticking with this program! Here I will break it down and show you exactly how I do my meal plans each week.

Step 1:

I start with a chart. Yep, a chart. I need paper and pencil so I can sketch out what we will eat for the week. Some people use the computer and that’s cool, but I need it on paper. It works better for me that way.

Meal planning step 1

So my chart looks like this. I have the days of the week on one side and my meals on the other. Sometimes I have the days on top of the page, and sometimes I have them on the side. That’s pretty irrelevant – just make sure they’re on there somewhere haha. Moving on. I also have every meal and snack that I eat each day. You can add in an extra snack before or after dinner if that’s what you typically eat. This is just what works for me. At the bottom, I list the different containers and how many of each I am supposed to eat (I’m planning for level 2, the 1500-1799 calorie range). This allows me to put a tally mark as I enter the foods into my plan, so I can see how many of each I have planned and how many more I need to add in.

Step 2:

After I have my chart prepped, I start writing in the meals that are pretty stable. For me, Shakeology is breakfast Monday-Friday. I sometimes cook breakfast on the weekends, so it may get shifted to a snack on those days, but I rarely have time to cook breakfast during the week. So Shakeology goes in the chart first. Then I plan for my dinners. Taco Tuesday is pretty typical in our house, so some version of that goes on Tuesday. We also like to do burgers, brinner (breakfast for dinner if you aren’t a Scrubs fan haha), steak and veggies, fajitas…and so on. Those get placed in dinner slots throughout the week. If I have a new recipe I want to try, I figure out which night will work the best for me to cook it and I place it there. After I have my dinners planned…

Step 3:

…then I plan my lunches. Because I’m a teacher, I don’t really have the luxury of cooking something for lunch. Leftovers are my best friend! Pretty much 95% of the time, I take whatever meat we had for dinner and pair it with a salad for my lunch the next day. Yes, I will even cook extra for dinner to make sure I have enough to eat for lunch!

Dinners and lunches complete!

Dinners and lunches complete!

Step 4:

After I have my dinners and lunches planned, I go back and fill in the gaps. Snacks are generally the same thing every day. Fruit, almonds, deli meat, boiled eggs (oh wow, just realized I didn’t use those at all this week!), raw veggies and hummus…those are all pretty standard snacks for me. I tried to add in a little variety with this plan, but honestly I am a boring eater! I will eat some of the same things every day just to keep it simple. Then I don’t have to try to remember too many different things haha.

Fill in snacks and missing pieces!

Fill in snacks and missing pieces!

A zoomed in view

A zoomed in view

That’s pretty much it! You don’t have to be following the 21 Day Fix to meal plan this way. This method of meal planning can be adapted to any type of nutrition plan, and can also be used for the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I will definitely use this while I’m prepping my meals using the Countdown to Competition plan (eat #allthereds). For some 21 Day Fix approved recipes, check out my clean and healthy recipe board here.

If you need help with meal planning or want more ideas on meals and snacks, leave a comment or feel free to message me via email ( or on Facebook! Happy planning!


21 Day Fix Extreme – Sneak Peek!

Wowza! I just finished a craaaazy workout with Autumn Calabrese! I got a super special sneak peek at one of the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts on Beachbody On Demand, and it isn’t even released yet! Plyo Fix Extreme is a killer, but it’s one of those workouts where you KNOW it’s going to give you amazingly hot legs. And a booty.

Available Monday, Feb 2, 2015!

Available Monday, Feb 2, 2015!

So the 21 Day Fix Extreme is very similar to the original 21DF workouts, but sort of cranked up a notch. The workouts are all only 30 minutes, and use a combination of light weights (5-10 lbs for most people) and cardio. Sometimes weighted cardio! Here are some shots from today’s Plyo Fix Extreme workout:

My sweet boyfriend works out with me. The couple that sweats together.... stinks together?

My sweet boyfriend works out with me. The couple that sweats together…. stinks together?

One legged squats are really not fun. My quads are sore already!

Sumo plie squats - not for the faint of heart.

Sumo plie squats – not for the faint of heart.


Weighted skaters – these are cray! I need to get heaver weights for my arms though.

And if you want to see what this looks like in action, here’s a video of tuck jump burpees for you. Funny, for me this was one of the easiest moves of the whole workout! Influence from INSANITY MAX:30? I’m thinking YESSSS.

Here are those weighted skaters in action. Those were kinda fun. And if you’re wondering, yes, my socks do say “Hot Mess.” Those are my favorite pair – pick yours up from The Sox Box. They are awesome.

And a little ab work – these were called three-way squat thrusts or some mess like that. If you are a Shaun T or INSANITY fan, you’d know them as In and Out Ski Abs – basically. Starting in plank, jump your feet in, then out, then to the side, then back. Make sense?

Shaun T totally taught this move to Autumn. I just know it.

Shaun T totally taught this move to Autumn. I just know it.

I haven’t completed any of the other workouts from this program, since Plyo Fix Extreme was just a sneak peek that I got from Beachbody On Demand (which, by the way, you will want to have…so make sure you have your Club Membership locked in before March gets here!). But here is some info on the rest of the program:

workouts DEETS

The workouts include:
Plyo Fix Extreme, Upper Fix Extreme, Lower Fix Extreme, Pilates Fix Extreme, Cardio Fix Extreme, Dirty 30 Fix Extreme  and Yoga Fix Extreme.

There will be a bonus workout that you get for ordering through a coach plus there is also additional workouts that you can purchase also. Power strength extreme and ABC Extreme.

Plyo Fix Extreme An explosive lower-body workout that uses jumping and resistance to torch calories and sculpt
Upper Fix Extreme
By alternating opposing muscle groups, this no-rest upper-body workout will shred the chest, back,
shoulders, and arms.
Pilates Fix Extreme
Using a resistance band for every exercise, this intense mat workout works the entire body, placing
emphasis on the core.
Lower Fix Extreme
Glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves will get stronger, leaner, and more defined with 30 minutes
of challenging resistance work.
Cardio Fix Extreme Combining weighted cardio moves with traditional metabolic training intervals keeps the heart rate
Dirty 30 Extreme
Using only seven compound moves focusing on multiple body parts at a time, this workout will burn
extra calories while defining muscles. Get down and dirty, and get it done.
Yoga Fix Extreme A fast-paced flow yoga class, combining strength, balance, flexibility, and power.
Power Strength Extreme
Based on functional movement patterns, these nine total-body exercises will change the way the
body moves, increasing strength, endurance, and power.
ABC Extreme
A 30-minute workout that targets common problem areas by pushing abs, butt, and cardio to
the extreme.  It’ll get that competition body ready for the stage.
The Fix Challenge Keep things interesting and burn off calories with this quick resistance workout!
  • The program is 21 days long!
  • Complete one 30 minute workout each day.
  • You do not need a lot of space to do this workout.  A 6 square foot area is enough.
  • Cross Trainers or aerobic shoes are recommended (not running shoes).
Should I buy the program?
21 Day Fix EXTREME is ideal for those with a dramatic short-term weight loss deadline–such as an upcoming vacation, photo shoot, or other big event. It’s an excellent next step for 21 Day Fix graduates ready for a new challenge or graduates of other extreme programs like P90X, Insanity, and FOCUS T25.

Fix EXTREME is also great for those who don’t have much weight to lose, but want to get shredded and see abs; those with a “no BS” attitude toward workouts and nutrition; or anyone who doesn’t want to count calories, weigh their food, or follow complicated recipes.

I would not recommend the 21 Day Fix Extreme for a beginner. This is an advanced program.  Autumn has said this herself, so I would take her advice.  Make sure that you are able to do the original 21 Day Fix FIRST before moving to this program!

Nutrition Plan Deets

While the 21 Day Fix allowed for wine and chocolate and occasional cheats… the 21 Day Fix Extreme does not.  It is 100% clean eating for these 21 days.  You do have the option to eat out at restaurants but you still have to follow the nutritional guidelines laid out.  Here’s my mindset: You can do anything you put your mind to for 21 days. I can say from my experience with Focus T25 and currently with INSANITY MAX:30 that when I follow the nutrition plan as prescribed, I really got amazing results. If I don’t eat like I’m supposed to, I have minimal results.  It’s true that abs are made in the kitchen, so make sure to take this part extremely serious.

You will get the nutrition guide and the 21 Day Fix portion controlled containers with your program purchase!

So, do you want to join me?

I am going to be hosting an exclusive 21 Day Fix Extreme TEST Group where I will be supporting you throughout the program, teaching you how to use the nutrition plan, giving sample meal plans, snack ideas, recipes, and tips.  You will get motivation and accountability right from me in a private online group.  Our plan is to set realistic and achievable goals and commit 100% for 21 days to achieve the very best results! Are you ready to see your abs? I AM!! So contact me on Facebook at or email me at and let’s get started! This program goes on sale Feb 2, and it may sell out! Don’t wait!


max30 review

So I’ve completed the first 3 weeks of INSANITY MAX:30 and I think I can say, hands down, this is my favorite program of all time. I’ve completed ChaLEAN Extreme, Focus T25, half of the original INSANITY, P90X3, 21 Day Fix, and parts of PiYo, P90, Les Mills Pump, and Body Beast…and I haven’t loved any of those programs as much as I love this one.

I am a competitive person, which I never really realized before. But with this program, you’re competing against yourself. You do the workout the best that you can, and when you start to lose form or need a break, that is your “max out” time. You take that break, write your time down, catch your breath, and get back in it to finish the workout.

Here’s the progression of our times for Cardio Challenge throughout month 1 — you’ll notice that we didn’t increase each week! But on the days that we maxed out sooner, we actually modified less. Pushing harder and maxing out earlier is ok because we get STRONGER!

Check out that hair.

Check out that hair.

Well, yeah. It kind of is. It’s Shaun T, so what do you expect? But I do have to disagree somewhat…even though it is INSANITY, and it IS pretty much a butt-kicking workout, every move is modified. You can do the entire program with zero-impact. So if you have bad knees, bad ankles, or can’t do one single push-up…you can STILL complete IM30. Don’t believe me? Here is a video of my friend, Allyson, and me doing all of the moves in Cardio Challenge. I am doing the full range of motion with each move. She (on your left) is doing the modifications.

**caution – there is music, so turn down your speakers if you’re in a library…or church**

Well, I haven’t finished the program yet, so I can’t give you specific stats on how well it is working for me yet as far as weight loss and looking hot. Check back at the end of February for that post. But I can tell you that my fitness has greatly improved. I am doing more pushups than I was in the beginning, more jumping jacks (yes, I have even had to modify some of the jacks because my calves burn!), and I am able to push harder for longer amounts of time before I have to modify. That tells me it is WORKING. I doubt I have dropped a significant amount of weight, but that is no fault of this program. It uses the same containers and a similar nutrition plan as the 21 Day Fix (which is awesome, and you can see my results here if you missed them). My problem is I have let work stress and life get in the way, and I haven’t followed my meal plans as closely as I would have liked. Boo. But this isn’t a diet. There’s no finish line. This is a lifestyle, and I’m not beating myself up because I got off track. I still have a month left to finish this program and I’m ready to get back in it! Besides…how could I quit when I know this cutie is watching me? 😉

My 5yo finished all 30 min of Tabata Power. If he can do it, YOU can do it.

My 5yo finished all 30 min of Tabata Power. If he can do it, YOU can do it.

Well first, you need to have a coach. Yes, you do. A coach will be able to give you the support you need to finish the program, help you with meal planning, and give you tips on modifications if you need them. If you don’t already have a coach, I would love to be yours! You can add me as your coach just by going to and get your free account.

If you’re ready to jump on the INSANITY MAX:30 train, you can go here to get your kit.  Then I will be in touch with you to get you set up with your program. Let’s MAX OUT together!

INSANITY MAX:30 – One Week Countdown!

Doesn't this picture just get your heart pumping?

Doesn’t this picture just get your heart pumping?

It’s here! It’s here! Well, almost. In one week, December 2nd, INSANITY MAX:30 will be released and you will only be able to get it by ordering through your coach (me!). Want to know more about Shuan T’s latest program? Here are the deets:

WHAT? – INSANITY MAX:30 is full of 150 new moves (as if they weren’t insane enough) to help you dig deeper and get your body in the very best shape of your life. This workout combines cardio and strength moves without using any equipment at all. Your body is your only equipment for this workout! The program is 60 days – broken into month 1 and month 2.  The workouts are all 30 minutes each with a 10 minute ab workout.  The idea of this program is not to make it through the entire 30 minutes, but to push yourself as hard as you can until you have to take a break – that’s when you “MAX OUT”!  You want to fail; it’s not a bad thing.  You track your daily progress by your max out times and aim to increase that time with each workout.


WHO? – MAX:30 is for everyone. Haha, don’t laugh. Yes, it’s for everyone. If you have finished Focus T25, if you’re an INSANITY or ASYLUM grad, or even if you didn’t finish (or try) any of those programs…MAX:30 is for you. It has a no-impact modifier to show how to adjust every move so that anyone can do them! Even modifications for tuck jumps and burpees. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

This program isn’t about how fit you are. You don’t even HAVE to be able to do one burpee. What you DO have to do is be able to stick with it and do the best you can for the longest amount of time. Then tomorrow you have to do a little bit more. And the next day, a little bit more.

It's all you, baby.

It’s all you, baby.

SO, WHAT’S IN THE KIT? – The base kit comes with the workouts on 10 DVDs, calendar, restaurant guide and nutrition guide. When you order from your coach, you get a bonus “Sweat Fest” DVD – haha, doesn’t that sound like a fun time?

Come to mama!

Come to mama!

Month 1:
Cardio Challenge:  1st workout and you use it as your guide and your first fit test per se.  It’s all cardio, its 4 1/2 minute interval 30 second rest.
Sweat Intervals:  Cardio type intervals that you ridiculously sweat with the same interval training.
Tabata Power:  Plyometrics, and comes down to where you are not jumping and is meant to generate power in your core. Great ab block in there!
Friday Fight:  Killer!
5 day a week program!
There is a Pulse workout for Saturday and it’s optional. It’s more of a pulse, balance, modifier type workout.  Focus on core, balance and form.
Month 2:
All the workouts are still 30 minutes.  Now you have Max out cardio & Max out Sweat with power moves to 5 1/2 minutes and then the break.
Tabata Workout- Max out Strength and Max Out Power
45 seconds on 15 second rest and 6 rounds and at the end an extra something!
Friday Fight Round 2:  It’s just killer round 2.
Insanity Max30 Product Launch, Now Available, Get it first, Exclusive Coach Test Group, Top coach, Nutrition Plan, Workouts, What is it?
If you want the Deluxe Kit, you get all that’s in the Base Kit plus 3 extra workouts and the portion controlled containers (Look familiar? Hellooooo 21 Day Fix portions! Yes, you can have your INSANITY and eat your containers too!)
This is only going to be released for purchase through a COACH on Dec 2! So if you want to get this program, go ahead and create your free account with me – – and you will be able to order ASAP when it is available!
Oh, did I forget to mention that part? I will be running a private, exclusive test group for MAX:30 with workouts starting Jan 5. There are a few requirements because I have high expectations for this group:
  • You must purchase MAX:30 through me as your coach.
  • You must replace one meal per day with Shakeology, for the entire 60 days. Why Shakeology? Because your body is going to NEED the nutrition to give you the fuel for max results.
  • You must make the commitment to yourself to give it your best!

That’s all I need from you…here’s what you get from me:

  • Access to a private Facebook group for support and motivation for the duration of the program
  • Coaching tips from me on how to track your progress, meal plans, recipes, additional modifications (I am an INSANITY certified instructor, so I know my stuff!)
  • My complete attention and support to help you be successful and complete this program so that you can reach your personal goals!

Does this sound like a group for you? Get registered NOW before the group is full! I will only be accepting a select group of challengers, so that I am able to give my time and attention to those who are ready for results. Comment below or email me on facebook if you want to join in!


Are you ready to MAX OUT??!

My loyal followers probably know by know that I’m a Shaun T lover. Yes, he and I could be BFFs if he just lived closer to me. I prefer an INSANITY Live workout over any other. I listen to his podcasts and INSANITY mixes in the car on my way to work, and he motivates me to push myself harder…more than any other Beachbody trainer I’ve used.


You think he knows I love him?

So of course you know how PUMPED I am that the new INSANITY MAX 30 is coming out in December! Yayyyy, Christmas for me!!! I will be ordering my copy on the day it is available. But you know what? You can actually WIN your own FREE copy! Why pay for it?

Click this link, slap your email address in the box, and win some free stuff. Seriously, who doesn’t like free stuff??


But there is a downside…this program doesn’t release for another month. BOOOO. I have the worst patience. I seriously hate waiting. So…I’m going to be doing my own MAX OUT group based on the INSANITY MAX 30 program. Two weeks, a variety of exercises for each day, and pushing yourself to your max. That’s right, failure is a GOOD thing. It means you went as hard and as far as you possibly could before you quit. And that is when you get your results.

Want to join in my free group? Easy peasy. Here are the steps:

1. Make me your free coach. I won’t spam you, I won’t make you wear spandex, and I won’t sell your info to another country.

2. Add me as your friend on Facebook. (I’m not a creeper, I promise. Look at my face…do I look like a creeper? Facebook has this rule where it doesn’t allow me to add non-friends to a private group. Now THAT would be creepy.)

3. Either shoot me a private message and say “Hey girl, I want to be in your MAX OUT group!” orrrr you can scroll through my page and find my recent post about my MAX OUT group and comment there. Option A is most likely quicker.

4. On November 17, our super awesome group will begin and you will see a daily video of your exercise. Do the move until you can’t do it one more time. Don’t stop when you are tired. Don’t stop when you hear your phone ding (you know you do it). You stop when you have absolutely burned up all of your power and energy and the only thing left to do is tap out. That’s when you know you’ve MAXed OUT.

Think you won’t be able to participate because it’s based on INSANITY workouts? Think again. What, you don’t like burpees? That’s ok…they don’t like you either. Modify. This is about YOU. You’re working out in your space, on your time, and to your ability level. You are maxing out your own body, not competing against anyone else.

Ohhh…I almost forgot. Remember when we talking about winning free stuff earlier? Yeah, you can win something here too. And most likely your chances will be much greater. All you have to do is participate in the group and rack up some points. Only I’m not going to tell you what the prize will be….yet. 😉 I have patience when it comes to surprises. Ha.

See you on November 17 – be ready to dig deep!!

MAX 30 promo pic 1

P90X3 Isometrix Review

Woop woop, it’s Transition Week! And just in time because I was starting to get a little bored. That’s one of the best things about P90X3, T25, ChaLEAN Extreme…there is already plenty of variety during the week, but right when you start getting a little bored, it gets switched up again. Perfect for me.


This workout felt pretty yoga-ish to me, but in a good, strong way. Isometrics are movements that are a static hold, keeping your muscle engaged but unmoving throughout the length of the exercise. This is very different from the dynamic jumping and weightlifting that we have been doing a lot of so far. This workout requires a lot of balance, which may turn some of you off. You may be thinking it’s a waste of time, especially if you prefer to feel the burn of cardio or strength training. Don’t discount the importance of stability exercises though, as they will increase your core strength and allow you to build your body strength and power later.

Length: 30 minutes, no warm-up.

Equipment needed: if you are doing this on carpet, none really. But I pulled out my yoga mat just because.

P90X3 Isometrix Equipment Needed

This workout is divided into groups of two moves, alternating sides with the moves. For example, you do move 1 on the left side, then move 2 on the left side, then back to move 1 on the right, and then move 2 on the right. Make sense? Now here are the moves:

Group 1

Group 1 exercises

Group 1 exercises

1. Plank, arm reach – exactly what it looks and sounds like. You do a plank, while reaching one arm out to the front. Try not to twist your hips, but that’s pretty hard. It takes a ton of core strength to keep your hips level.

2. Standing leg extension – Stand straight up, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Lift one leg parallel to the floor and lift your arms overhead. Don’t fall.

Group 2

Group 2

Group 2 exercises

1. Plank, left arm, right leg lift – again, pretty self explanatory. You get into plank position, and raise your left arm and right leg at the same time. Hold it until time is called. I had to tap my foot down at times, and raise it back up because I was losing balance and strength.

2. Chair leg lift – Squat down into chair position, then lift one leg so that your thighs are parallel.

Group 3

Group 3

Group 3 exercises

1. Forearm side balance – it’s a side plank on your forearm with your other arm straight up. You can put both feet together, stacked one on the other, or you can put one foot in front of the other. I decided to get fancy and make a triangle.

2. Royal Dancer – this takes serious balance. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do it the first time. Do you see how bad my foot is gripping my mat? Yeah. Balance tip – pick a spot on the wall and stare at it the whole time. Breathe.

We are down to about 18:00 left.

Group 4

Group 4 exercises

Group 4 exercises

1. One Arm Sphinx – Get into plank position, with one arm under you, supporting with your forearm. Hold the other arm straight ahead. You’ll see I still have to work on not tilting my pelvis.

2. Tree pose – balance on one foot with the other foot nestled into your upper thigh. Raise arms overhead and look up!

Group 5

Group 5

Group 5 Exercises

1. Side arm balance – Side plank on your hand this time instead of your forearm. If you’re feeling froggy, lift your top foot up in the air. Otherwise, keep it stacked on top of the bottom foot, or in front of it on the floor.

2. Warrior 3 – Balancing on one foot, raise your other leg parallel to the floor and reach your arms out straight forward. Try to pick a spot on the floor and focus on it. It will help you stay stable.

We now have only 10:00 left!! Two-thirds complete.

Group 6

Group 6

Group 6 exercises

1. Bound Dog – In downward dog position, reach one hand to the outside of the opposite ankle. Hold and stretch.

2. Inner Balance – stand on one foot, with the other foot barely above the floor. Close your eyes and find focus within. (Tony tells you to close your eyes, then he mimes his way around the room – yes I peeked.)

Group 7 – the final one!

Group 7 exercises

Group 7 exercises

1. Bound dog leg lift – same as bound dog, but you are lifting the leg you aren’t holding on to.

2. Moon dog – Just look at the picture.

And then there’s the Burnout. Hold Crane for 30 seconds!

BurnoutAs you can see, I did not do the crane. I did crow. Apparently the difference is this: Crane uses straight arms with your legs pressed against the outside of your upper arms, whereas crow has bent arms so your shins can rest on your tricep/armpit area. Crane is harder, in my opinion, and that’s what I will do next time.

And if you’re wondering…no, I can’t hold it for 30 seconds.


Want to order P90X3 for yourself? Go here –

Want to get the challenge pack and take advantage of HUGE savings with P90X3 plus Shakeology? (MAJOR savings until Jan 31) Go here –

Just want to have me as your FREE coach, to get nutrition and fitness tips? Go here –

P90X3 The Warrior Review

I didn’t forget about this one, I promise. Actually, I had previewed this disk before I ever started P90X3…and then I lost it. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.

It was in my other DVD player upstairs. Oops.

So now that I have it again, I finally did my review of the workout! This is a non-stop (mostly), balls-to-the-wall workout. It had me huffing and puffing for real. So – here’s what it’s all about:


Materials: You don’t really need anything but yourself and a good pair of shoes. And some water. You’ll want water.

Like most other workouts, you start with a warmup. Four minutes of jogging, jacks, pivot/twist, arm circles, leg stretches, etc… Then down to business.

1. Plank Sphinx Push-ups

So these are fun. Heh. Starting out with a serious move. Start in plank, then move to sphinx (or plank on your elbows), then back up to plank, and then do push-ups as long as Tony tells you to. Back to plank, sphinx, plank, sphinx, plank, push-ups…Tony can make a minute feel like five REALLY fast.

1 plank sphinx pushups

2. Speed Skater

If you know how a speed skater moves, you can imagine how this move works. You sort of glide/hop from side to side, when Tony tells you to do singles. Then he moves to doubles – and you do your glide/hop thing to the right with an extra hop, and again over to the left. I have no idea if you know what I’m talking about, but I can see it in my head. See my picture? Yep, that’s what it looks like. Lol.

2 speed skater

3. Down Dog Crunches

I actually kind of like these – does that make me weird? The video shows you exactly how to do this, but I’ll type it out as well. You start in down dog, then raise your right leg high in the air. Then bring your right knee to your right elbow. Raise it back up high in the air, then bring it to your forehead (haha, right). Raise it up again, then bring the right knee to the left elbow. Then repeat the process with the left leg.

4. Side lunge jump shot

This one feels like something you’d do at basketball practice. You lunge over to one side, kind of like you’re picking up a basketball, and then explode up and pretend to shoot a basket. And repeat. You’ll do this on one side, and then do it again on the other (I usually go right to left).

4 side lunge jump shot

Now we have about 20:00 left. We get a quick break for 30 seconds. Drink your water.

5. Elevator Push-ups

These may be my least favorite of the day. You start in a plank/push-up position – this is the top floor. Tony tells you to go to the middle floor, so you hover halfway down. Bottom floor is hovering as low as you can go in push-up position. He calls out the floors, and you move up and down. Ouch. I end up modifying by dropping to my knees.

5 elevator pushups

6. Double Uppercut Sprawls

Well here’s a little cardio recovery. Kind of. Start out with your right leg forward. Do two right uppercuts, two left uppercuts, then sprawl – which is kind of like a wide burpee down and back up. After you do this for a minute on the right, then switch to having your left leg forward and lead with the left arm first. Not too bad, except your arms should start getting tired somewhere around here.

6 double uppercut sprawls

7. Roller Boat

What is it with Tony and these boats? He really likes them. You go into a boat, or C-sit whatever you want to call it. Then after you hold it for a while, you roll backwards to basically give your abs a break. Then roll back up into boat. FUN.

7 roller boat

8. One Leg Jump Squats

Self-explanatory – you put 90% of your weight on one leg, 10% on the other. Squat down on that one leg while reaching toward the floor, then jump up. And again. And again. Switch to the other leg when the first leg is finished. Simple enough.

8 one leg jump squats

Now we are down to about 14:00 left. Quick break! Drink more water.

9. Thumbs Up Push-up

Nope, I lied. I hate this one more than the elevator push-ups. Mostly because I am not the best at balancing. You do a push-up, then put your right hand out (thumbs up!) and your left leg up. Then back to push-up, and repeat with left hand out and right leg up. This can be modified with knee push-ups and keeping that knee down when you lift the arm and leg.

9 thumps up pushup

10. Elbow, over the top elbow, sprawl

I guess in MMA style fighting, they fight with their elbows? Sounds painful. Anyway this move involves “punching” with your right elbow, then doing an over the top hit with your other elbow, then down to a sprawl. Kind of like #6 Double Uppercut Sprawls, except with your elbows. You do the right side first, then switch to the left.

10 elbow

11. Fifer Scissor Twist

I had a little helper with this one. 🙂 You’re supposed to try to keep your legs straight, but I’m not quite that flexible yet. Bring your right leg straight up, and reach your left hand to the outside of that foot. Switch legs and arms when Tony says so…but watch out because sometimes he fakes conversation just to keep you there a little longer. What a jerk.

11 fifer scissor twist

12. Warrior Squat Lunges

Oh Tony, always trying to make people laugh. That doesn’t really work when they are exhausted and they kind of don’t like you anymore. This starts out with a Billy Idol fist pump (really), then squat down and reach the right arm to the left foot. Then explode back into a lunge while reaching that hand up high. Jump back into the squat. Jump back into the lunge. Total of 15 on that side, then switch and do 15 on the other side. Sing “Cradle of Love” while you do it. Kidding.

12 warrior squat lunges

We have 7:28 left. Yes, I wrote that down to the second. You’d be counting seconds too if you were doing this. Quick :30 break. Don’t sit down.

13. Super Burpee

Ok, the first time I saw these, I was like WTF, that will never happen. This time, I actually tried to do the real version. I obviously can NOT get my legs up as high as Tony or the other guy in the video, but I do try. For your viewing pleasure, because it’s easier than explaining with words:

14. Think Drills

Quick movements, getting the heart rate up, shuffling, moving when Tony calls out orders…to include the bunny face. I did it just for the photos. I normally don’t do it because I think it’s stupid. But I’m here to show you what you get when you order P90X3. So there. Bunny face.

14 think drills

15. Abrinome

Kind of like a metronome, get it? But for your abs? Ok. Flat on your back, legs up at 90 degrees. Lean your straight legs over to the left for as long as he says, then over to the right. Each time you lean over is one rep, with a total of 8 reps. This burns. If you need to modify, bend your knees a bit.

15 abrinomeYes, I still have tape on my floor from Agility X.

16. Spiderman Squats

Last one! Squat down with one hand on the floor, and do a 1/4 turn into another squat, and back again. After a few seconds, you start doing a 1/2 turn. These I can do ok. It’s when Tony tries to throw in the full 360 degree turn that I can’t make it. And I don’t want to puke or bust my head on my fireplace bricks, so I may just stick to 1/2 turns. No shame in that.

16 spiderman squats

And we finish up with the Burnout – depth charges where you explode up into a jump, then slowly release back down into a squat. This is a full minute and you want to die.

The end. Two minute cooldown and it’s over.

This is a great workout, and you may hate it the first time. After that, you are able to do more and you feel stronger. It’s a great full-body blast, which is what this is all about, right?

P90X3 Total Synergistics Review

Today is Day 1 of the Classic schedule in P90X3 – and day 1 of workouts for me! I will be blogging about each workout and will give you a breakdown with pictures, modifications (if necessary), and my thoughts. Because isn’t that why you read my blog? Ha.

ImageLength: 30 minutes, plus a short minute or so stretch afterwards. Don’t skip that part, or you’ll hurt more.

Equipment needed: pull-up bar (or alternate if you are modifying like me, dumbbells and/or resistance band)

Image The workout starts out with a brief warm-up, which lasts about 3.5 minutes. It consists of jumping jacks, side lunges, some arm circles, leg stretches, and some other things I didn’t write down. Then we’re ready to get started!

1. Push-up/Side Arm Balance

Well we didn’t waste any time getting serious, now did we? Thanks, Tony. The title plus my pictures should explain it all: do a push-up, then a side plank, push-up, other side plank, repeat repeat repeat. This lasts around a minute or so. To modify, do the push-ups on your knees, and use your knee closest to the floor to support your body when you go into side plank.


 2. Crescent Chair

So this one wasn’t so bad. You basically start out in something between Warrior 1 and a lunge. Then you step forward into a tight squat and keep your arms raised – otherwise known as chair pose! To modify, just don’t go as low into the movements.

2 crescent chair

3. Pull Knee Pull

Oh boy. Tony was going a little crazy with this one. You’re supposed to do a pull-up, then pull your knees up to your chest while at the top of the bar. Haha, RIIIIIIGHT. Since I don’t own a pull-up bar, nor can I do one pull-up (yet!), I modified. A girl in the video did it this way as well. I rigged my resistance band around a board on my stair rail and pulled the band back while in a lunge position. Then I brought my back knee up into a bit of a standing crunch. You do each side for about 45 seconds. To modify this move, you could use a lighter band, or maybe not pull your knee forward. Balancing can be difficult.

3 pull knee pull

Short break here, maybe 60 seconds. Get a drink of water.

4. Flip Flop Crunch

This looks a lot easier than it really is. Plus my hip flexors were SUPER sore and tight already, so that made it worse for me. Start off in elbow plank. Rotate to a side plank, extending your top arm and leg. Then crunch them together, tightening your obliques. Extend arm and leg back out, then rotate back over to elbow plank. Repeat on the opposite side. A modification could be just to rotate from elbow plank to side plank and back, maybe keep knees down.

4 flip flop crunch

5. Crawly Push-ups

Haha I don’t even have a picture for this one. I mean, I do, but they wouldn’t help. Here’s a video instead. My form isn’t the best, as I was already super sore from my earlier workout. Also, my dog says hi.

We have about 20 minutes left at this point.

6. Releve-plie, weighted

Haha ok this was kind of fun! And my dancer daughter was my photographer, so she was getting a kick out of her mom doing ballet moves. My silly faces were because I was trying really hard to keep my back straight! Hehe. I used a 15 pound dumbbell for this. I probably could’ve gone higher, so I’ll try a 20 next time. There isn’t much of a modification here, other than use lighter (or none at all) weights and don’t go as low into the moves. If you have balance issues, stay off your toes. (Kelly, I’m looking at you.) This lasts about one minute.

6 releve plie weighted

7. Chin-up Circle Crunch

Yep, another chin-up not-gonna-happen move. So I modified with the band. So you lie on the floor, feet off the ground. Bring your knees up to the right side and circle over your chest and straighten back out. Then repeat the circle going in the opposite direction. Modification? Maybe keep one foot on the ground and crunch in one knee at a time.

This is where my dog decided to get more interested in my relationship with Tony Horton.

7 chin up circle crunch

8. Boat Plow

Hands down my favorite move of the day. This is something I used to do when I was younger, just for fun! I’m glad I can still do it. Start in what I call a C sit position, legs outstretched off the ground and hands reaching toward your feet. Then at Tony’s call, you roll back and stretch your feet wayyyy over your head until your toes touch the floor. Or as far as you can go. Which ever comes first. And then you hope your dog doesn’t decide to sniff your face or you may start laughing so hard that you fall out of position. Hi, Roxie. Get out of my face.

8 boat plow

9. Balance Arch Press

This was also kind of difficult to show with just pictures, so here’s another video. Oops, forgot to tell you there is music, so turn down your speakers if kids are sleeping. I used 15 pounds, and you do 10 reps, then switch your balance to the other leg and repeat.

10. Three Hop Press

I did my best with the pictures on this one. Hold a dumbbell (I used 15#) in a squat. While in a squat, do three hops in one direction, then stand up on one leg, raise the other knee, and press your dumbbell overhead. Repeat going back in the other direction. To modify, do stationary squats without hopping, and stand up to press without raising one leg.

10 3 hop press

11. Glamour Hammer

I started with 15 pounds on this one and had to drop to 10s. I probably would’ve been fine starting and finishing with 12s. You do a basic hammer curl in front, then do another hammer curl to the side.  Repeat. That’s it. Ohhhh, except you’re balancing on one foot for 30 seconds while doing it, and then switching feet. Or don’t, if you need a modification.

11 Glamour Hammer

Now we only have about 10 minutes left! Over halfway done.

12. Brannon Boat

Not my favorite move, but it was doable. Difficult to show in pictures. Start out in C-sit, then raise and lower your legs just by inches. Then you switch to raising and lowering your upper body, all the while reaching for your legs. It takes balance and concentration for this core exercise. To modify, lower one foot to the floor.

12 Brannon boat

13. Flying Warrior

Tony tells you to go light on this one, and he says that for a reason. I used 5 lbs and that is probably my max right now. You could use no weights and still feel it. I guess this is some sort of version of Warrior 3. I’m not all that yoga-savvy, so I have no clue. I just know I almost fell over.

13 Flying Warrior

14. Squat Rockers

Basic enough – you squat, you rock up on your toes, you rock back on your heels and lift your toes off the ground. And again. Trying to keep your back as straight as possible while not falling over is the challenge. I used 15 pounds but probably could’ve done 20.

14 squat rockers

15. Side Rise Punch

This one wasn’t easy, but I think I’ll feel good when I’m able to nail it. Lie on your side. Reach your arm under your supporting arm and do a slow punch motion towards your feet. Then remove that arm and punch in the opposite direction. Do this for 30 seconds on each side. My uncoordinated self had to watch them a couple of times before I got the hang of it (notice that confused look on my face?). And 5 pounds was all I could do. Don’t feel bad if you do this unweighted at first.

15 side rise punch

16. Warrior Squat Moon

Last move! And thank goodness it was. All these warrior moves, Tony – what’s up with that? Anywho, I really had a hard time balancing. Maybe I was tired. I’ll just let the pics speak for themselves.

16 warrior squat moon

One minute cooldown after the workouts were over. STREEEETTTCH!!! Then drink some Shakeology and R&R.

For my first workout, I actually liked it. I didn’t feel like I was in way over my head (ahem, Insanity), and I liked that I wasn’t gasping for breath every minute. But at the same time I felt like I got in a good workout for my 30 minutes that I can squeeze in before work. And while I’m not able to do all of the moves unmodified right now, I definitely have goals to reach before the end of the program. I want to increase my weights later and I WILL DO A PULL-UP BEFORE APRIL 6. It will happen. Pics for proof. 😉