Summer Vanilla Shakeology

I wasn’t really sure what to name this recipe, but it seems like a great drink for summertime – so there you go!

For this recipe, I used:

  • One container of coconut water
  • Half a banana
  • Half of a watermelon Chobani  yogurt (you could use the full cup)
  • Vanilla Shakeology
  • Ice

I blended it all up with some ice – DONE! It was pretty tasty!

A friend recommended a similar recipe, but she added fresh mint leaves before blending. I didn’t have any fresh mint — and I checked by biting some of the herbs I had in my fridge. Definitely NOT mint leaves. Yuck.

If you try this one, I’d love to hear what you think! Drop a comment or send me a message on Facebook. Enjoy!

Want to try Shakeology, but worried about the price? Have no fear…a Shakeology Trial is here!

I was not a shake person.

I wanted to eat my food, not drink it.

Why would I need some gross, gimmicky shake to give me nutrients when I could just eat clean?

When my coach, Kelly, told me that I needed to drink Shakeology and do a Beachbody workout to be able to join her challenge group in March 2013, I told her I didn’t do shakes. She basically told me I couldn’t be in her group if I didn’t at least try it for a month, and assured me it would give me the best results by combining the two. I was desperate, so I reluctantly agreed to do it. However…before I committed to buying a full bag of some Slim Fast looking junk, I asked her if I could taste it to see which flavor I liked. She agreed, and I bought a 5 packet trial from her to test out.

I made my first shake with water and ice. I hated it.

I made my second shake with water and ice. I drank most of it.

I got smart and asked for a tastier way to make my third shake — peanut butter and banana with chocolate — and almost had to fight my kids off to be able to drink it. By the way, I pretty much don’t recommend making your shake with only water and ice. I can recommend a million better recipes that taste better than that.

It's a good thing he's a cute thief.

It’s a good thing he’s a cute thief.

I was hooked. Shakeology not only helped with my cravings (ohhh the sweet tooth struggle is a REAL one), but it was a super easy way to get my nutrients in. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge breakfast person. I just don’t have a big appetite in the morning. Being able to whip up a shake before I drive to work and then drink it during my commute — well that saves time, is a healthy meal (the healthiest one of the day actually), and is actually CHEAPER than what I would usually end up grabbing if I opted for fast food. And, ironically, is actually faster than fast food.

I can drink two shakes for what I paid for his breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. Crazy.

I can drink two shakes for what I paid for his breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. Crazy.



Not only that…but after drinking Shakeology, my A1C levels have been lowered, I have lost weight (in conjunction with exercise and mindful eating), and my B12 and vitamin D levels are finally in the healthy range!

Want to try Shakeology for yourself? There are two very easy options for you:

1. Order the Shakeology Sampler Kit from my website. You get 6 packets of Shakeology (one of each flavor) for $29.95 plus tax and shipping.

2. Order a trial kit from me, and have the ability to customize the number of packets as well as flavors! Fill out this form and I will get your packets sent to you – with free shipping!

Shakeology – clinically proven to help with weight loss, blood sugar, and cholesterol, is more than just a “weight loss” shake. It is seriously the KEY in the health transformation of myself and others.

Why just take my word for it? Here are some comments made by some of my clients, coaches, and friends:

Shakeology Testimonials

  • I had actually tried a couple of brands of shakes from the health food store and they were horribly gritty…Shakeology is totally NOT gritty. I was starving when i got home and my shakeology had been delivered so i figured i would try it.
  • I love the Combat workout! Also, shakeology is awesome! I’ve went from 158 to 142 in two months. I’m definitely seeing change in the way my body looks. Getting more defined and kicking myself for not taking before photos lol.
  • Thank you for the Christmas card. I want to let you know that I have lost 22 lbs so far since you gave the meal plan in November. I also have been doing the workout from the 21 day fix. It has been a hard 4 weeks and a lot of tears. I know now that in order to get where I want to be I got to push through the pain. When I started I weighed 295 and I thought I would never see anything smaller. Honey 273 looks good but can’t wait to see 173.
  • I found out I am in menopause. I truly think shakeology and beachbody has kept me sane and helped to ward off the weight that is trying desperately to latch on to me!!!
  • I used to be so sick after I ate anything. Like a six month pregnant food baby. I was embarrassed to go anywhere to eat with friends because I would bust out of my clothes within minutes of eating. I had all kinds of tests I’m my gall bladder and endoscopies trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Enter Shakeology and within one week the problems were gone. I haven’t blown up like that once in a year and a half! Never going back!
  • I feel more energized, less cravings, makes me feel good in the mornings because I’m actually having breakfast.
  • [My husband] doesn’t feel sluggish during the day like he had been. So I get up at 4 every morning to get his shake ready. Anything to help him through his long day.
  • I sleep better. My migraines haven’t made an appearance in a month. I crave healthy food. I don’t want to put whatever is easiest into my stomach just because its there. I have actually energy. Not the fake energy drink kind. And after I had an appendectomy in ’09, which resulted in me getting C. diff. I’ve had IBS type symptoms. Well since being on ShakeO they have disappeared.
  • After years of testing deficient for D, Bs and Iron, I’ve gotten my first awesome blood results. Now am I not deficient in any of the areas I was before, but I also had normal sugar levels for the first time in years.

So…. are you ready to give it a try? Email me with questions or for more info!

Shakeo vs fast food

Shakeology Chocolate Treat – 21 Day Fix Extreme Approved!!

Hello. I’m Amanda. And I’m addicted to chocolate.

Self portrait right there.

Self portrait right there.

Unfortunately, Autumn does not allow us to have chocolate on the 21 Day Fix Extreme plan. (Although dark chocolate is allowed as an occasional treat in the original 21 Day Fix.) We’re supposed to be all EXTREME to get EXTREME results, yadda yadda yadda. Lemme tell you: not eating chocolate for 3 weeks is pretty dang extreme for me. And sometimes can cause some EXTREME behavior and mood swings. Yep. Just ask my boyfriend. Poor guy.

But…There is a way to get around this little rule, without actually cheating. Oh yes. You can actually make a chocolate treat by using foods that are listed in the 21DFX nutrition guide. And it tastes GOOD.

Do I have your attention yet?

It’s Shakeology chocolate!  I won’t lie, you can add this to the list of the things I was skeptical of!  I really wasn’t sure I would like this, especially after seeing the ingredients that goes into it. But it’s actually good!

The recipe is simple:

  • 1 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology
  • 1 spoon of melted coconut oil (zap in the microwave for a few seconds)

Stir it up to mix, and then spread it on a sheet of wax paper and put into the freezer until solid.

That’s it.

Looks sinful, but is oh so healthy.

Looks sinful, but is oh so healthy.

I broke it into chunks and basically enjoyed a chocolate bar with zero guilt.

The coconut oil is a healthy fat (tsp) and the Shakeology serving is a protein (red). You can also add in some peanut butter, PB2 or other nuts to add variety. I think maybe some almond slivers or chopped unsalted peanuts may be good next time? I like crunchy textures, so that is right up my alley.

Try it and let me know what you think! Drop a comment below or send me an email. If you find another cool variation (as long as it’s Fix approved!) let me know and I’ll add it to this post for others to try. 🙂

If you want to try it and don’t have Shakeologyhit me up for the details on how to score your own!!!!

Salted Caramel Shakeology

I am such a sweets junkie. I like sweets so much that when I am craving chocolate, I will dig through my desk drawers at work or look in every kitchen cabinet for something sweet…even when I know there is nothing there! Ha! Just because I eat clean 80% of time time doesn’t mean that I don’t still get those cravings. I am human, just like everyone else. I have my weaknesses. Sweets is the one thing I have a VERY hard time saying no to.

That’s one of the reasons I love drinking Shakeology. It satisfies my sweet tooth and give me 70+ superfoods every day – something I don’t get from that yummy chocolate.

I’m always trying new Shakeology recipes. I mean, I enjoy my Mocha Frappe Shakeology and my Thin Mint Shakeology, but sometimes I want a little variety. So at the suggestion of a friend, I tried a new recipe. It is salty, sweet, and chocolaty! Best of everything combined into one! Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!!!



  • 1 scoop/packet Chocolate Shakeology
  • 4 oz cold water
  • 4 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk (I prefer Almond Breeze)
  • 1/8 tsp Caramel Extract
  • A dash or two of pink Himalayan Salt
  • Ice to taste


  1. Place wet ingredients into your blender.
  2. Add your Shakeology.
  3. Sprinkle in the Himalayan salt.
  4. Top with ice.
  5. Blend and ENJOY!

This recipe could easily be made with Vanilla Shakeology as well if you aren’t a fan of chocolate. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Thin Mint Shakeology

Ooooh those Girl Scouts are at it again! Tempting me with their Thin Mint cookies. And those are my favorite! Actually, I love anything that’s chocolate and minty. When I was a little girl, I remember visiting my great aunt’s house and finding her box of Andes Mints…and I ate them all. Oops!

Instead of eating an entire box of Thin Mint cookies (because really, who can eat just one serving and then stop?), I just make my own Thin Mint Shakeology! Try it and tell me what you think of the recipe. 😉

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