My Schwinn Cycle Certification Experience

Just yesterday, I told my boyfriend I didn’t know how or when I became the person I am today. I used to have ZERO interest in fitness, I drank coke for breakfast, and hit up McDonald’s multiple times per week. I was skinny but so unhealthy. And I was so shy and socially awkward that I was even too afraid to call and order pizza or ask the movie store if the new hot summer hit was available for rental.

So much great information packed into this one day!

Somehow, all of that changed. And today I added yet another fitness certification to my collection  — today I because a Schwinn Indoor Cycle Coach.

Honestly, I’ve only taken a cycle/spin class a few times. And that’s mostly because when I did try it, my butt was sore for a week, so I was afraid to try it again! Apparently they make padded shorts for that, but I still don’t own a pair. Interestingly enough, I completed my nine hour training today that included two bike rides and my booty didn’t even fall off! Maybe it had something to do with learning how to properly adjust the positioning of my bike… something instructors never taught me before.

So the day started with a LOT of learning. Learning about the parts of the bike, how to do a Quick Fit and a Performance Fit for class participants, and a little hands on practice adjusting the bike. Apparently I’ve been working out too much, because I turned the resistance knob one too many times and broke my partner’s bike. Oops.

The bike I accidentally Hulk-smashed. The pieces that fell out of it are sitting on the seat, haha. Oops, sorry Life Time Fitness!

Getting my learn on from Master Trainer Skip Jennings

After the bike breaking incident, we learned more and more and more about bikes and cycling and class design. Aahh! So much to take in, but it was all SO informative! Seriously, there wasn’t a moment in this class where I felt like my time was wasted.

We ended the morning session with a one hour cycle class. I was really nervous about it. As I said, I hadn’t really had the best experiences with cycling in the past because it just hurt my butt so bad! And I remember my legs being really sore as well, which is something I didn’t need to happen because I am teaching INSANITY tomorrow morning. In the end, it was a GREAT workout and I really enjoyed it! The hour seemed to go by super fast, probably because of the music and the great coaching from Skip. 😉

Then…lunch happened. All you see in this picture was gone in less than 15 minutes. And that included some texting while chewing bites of food.

I regret nothing.

We finished up the day talking about how to make our classes truly an enjoyable experience for our participants, and I really learned a lot of things that I can incorporate into all of my fitness classes. Motivation, ways to connect with others, music ideas to use. Ohhhh, music is truly my favorite part of a workout. One song can strongly affect my level of motivation, even when I feel like I have no energy left. This remix of “Run This Town” was one we listened to during our second workout today and I LOVE IT! Unfortunately I can’t find it on iTunes or Spotify, so if you happen to find it, please leave a comment or message me and let me know! I really want to add this to my running playlist while I train for the Colfax Half Marathon.

So here I am, freshly certified and fully exhausted. I’m excited to put what I’ve learned into practice so I will be ready to sub some classes and one day lead my own!