P90X Live Certified Instructor – that’s me!

p90x live

Last Monday, I had a conversation with my friend that went something like this, but less abbreviated:

Leigh: I signed up for the P90X cert!
Me: This summer?
Leigh: No, in April.
Me: Oh. I just saw there’s a local one this Sunday. That’s too soon. Maybe I’ll catch the next one.
Leigh: DO IT.
Me: But I’m scared! Let me think…ok, I’ll do it! Eek!!

And that’s how it all started. Because of Leigh, I got INSANITY Live certified last summer, and now I’m P90X Live certified as well. I can pretty much kill anyone in a gym, no matter what class they take haha.

I’m not sure why I was so nervous. Maybe because I haven’t even done the original P90X, or maybe because I’m still shy in new situations when surrounded by people I don’t know. But I had no reason to be nervous at all! The workout moves were ones that I was pretty familiar with anyway, and the people…the people there were awesome. So what if they were people I didn’t know? We were all there for the same reason — to learn a new format that we thought would be exciting so we could teach group exercise classes that would motivate our participants to continue exercising with us and being healthy.

And honestly, these trainings are FUN! We get there, we get to know each other a little bit, then we get right into the workout. That was brutal, but felt so good. After we are all dying, we learn about the program. How each round is broken down into different blocks. timing and cueing, types of exercises we may see, and proper form to make sure all participants are exercising safely no matter what their age or ability level. Here are some fun shots from the day.

P90X 2

Wacky Jacks – I really hate those.

p90x 7

Upper Body – bicep curls and tricep kickbacks. I didn’t go ambitious! Just 5 lbs for me, thanks.

p90x 6

Rear lunges with arms up – my shoulders were so tired!

p90x 5

Oh, the Death Star. Those sucked haha.

p90x 3

Plank Jacks – reminded me of INSANITY 🙂

p90x 8

Working with my group after our workout

So…if you take a P90X Live class, what should you expect? Oh, good thing you asked. I was about to tell you.

The class is formatted to last 55 minutes, but there are 45 and 30 minute options. For the full class, you will start with a warm up, followed by a cardio block, lower body strength, upper body strength, core, and a cooldown. You may use weights or bands for the strength exercises, but not all moves are weight based. Some just use body weight, like with push ups. If you’re afraid of pull ups from the P90X DVDs, don’t fear! No pull ups in the live class. In fact, anybody can do this class. Yes, I’m serious. Anybody. A certified instructor will be able to assist participants with regressing any moves to make them easier, as well as progressing moves to make them more difficult for advanced participants. So no matter if you’re 16 or 61, male or female, fit or ready to get fit…this class is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s break the gym!!

A fun and silly way to end our day. :)

A fun and silly way to end our day. 🙂



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