Are you ready to MAX OUT??!

My loyal followers probably know by know that I’m a Shaun T lover. Yes, he and I could be BFFs if he just lived closer to me. I prefer an INSANITY Live workout over any other. I listen to his podcasts and INSANITY mixes in the car on my way to work, and he motivates me to push myself harder…more than any other Beachbody trainer I’ve used.


You think he knows I love him?

So of course you know how PUMPED I am that the new INSANITY MAX 30 is coming out in December! Yayyyy, Christmas for me!!! I will be ordering my copy on the day it is available. But you know what? You can actually WIN your own FREE copy! Why pay for it?

Click this link, slap your email address in the box, and win some free stuff. Seriously, who doesn’t like free stuff??


But there is a downside…this program doesn’t release for another month. BOOOO. I have the worst patience. I seriously hate waiting. So…I’m going to be doing my own MAX OUT group based on the INSANITY MAX 30 program. Two weeks, a variety of exercises for each day, and pushing yourself to your max. That’s right, failure is a GOOD thing. It means you went as hard and as far as you possibly could before you quit. And that is when you get your results.

Want to join in my free group? Easy peasy. Here are the steps:

1. Make me your free coach. I won’t spam you, I won’t make you wear spandex, and I won’t sell your info to another country.

2. Add me as your friend on Facebook. (I’m not a creeper, I promise. Look at my face…do I look like a creeper? Facebook has this rule where it doesn’t allow me to add non-friends to a private group. Now THAT would be creepy.)

3. Either shoot me a private message and say “Hey girl, I want to be in your MAX OUT group!” orrrr you can scroll through my page and find my recent post about my MAX OUT group and comment there. Option A is most likely quicker.

4. On November 17, our super awesome group will begin and you will see a daily video of your exercise. Do the move until you can’t do it one more time. Don’t stop when you are tired. Don’t stop when you hear your phone ding (you know you do it). You stop when you have absolutely burned up all of your power and energy and the only thing left to do is tap out. That’s when you know you’ve MAXed OUT.

Think you won’t be able to participate because it’s based on INSANITY workouts? Think again. What, you don’t like burpees? That’s ok…they don’t like you either. Modify. This is about YOU. You’re working out in your space, on your time, and to your ability level. You are maxing out your own body, not competing against anyone else.

Ohhh…I almost forgot. Remember when we talking about winning free stuff earlier? Yeah, you can win something here too. And most likely your chances will be much greater. All you have to do is participate in the group and rack up some points. Only I’m not going to tell you what the prize will be….yet. 😉 I have patience when it comes to surprises. Ha.

See you on November 17 – be ready to dig deep!!

MAX 30 promo pic 1

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