This is me…being honest

Ok you guys. I am having some pretty strong emotions today, and I just have to be real with all of you. If you never read any of my blog posts, please read this one all the way through.

I have one burning question that I can’t get out of my mind… WHY AREN’T YOU A BEACHBODY COACH?!!!

Simple enough question, and if this question is directed at you, I can probably guess your response:

*I’m not really into fitness.
*I don’t like to work out.
*I’m not in great shape.
*I don’t like to sell things.
*I don’t have time.
*It’s not my thing.

Some of those reasons are legit, and some of them aren’t. Do you think I liked to work out when I started? NOPE. I wasn’t in great shape. One of the first things I told my sponsoring coach, Kelly, was that I didn’t want to sell anything (and I still don’t sell). Do you think a single mom of two who teaches full time has extra TIME? Not really. But I do it anyway. I actually enjoy coaching, which is a plus. 😉

The reason I am so fired up today is because I just did a little digging. Someone on my team mentioned how much her income had changed in just ONE YEAR. Last October, she made $58.44 as a coach. She had just signed up in July 2013, so she had only been active for about 3 months (and she didn’t even become a coach to make money — she just wanted that 25% discount on her monthly Shakeology order).  This year, this October, she made $942.64. That’s a HUGE increase in just ONE YEAR. Yes, all caps, because I’m shouting. SHOUTING. What could you do with $900?? Especially if you’re a SAHM like she is? That’s a mortgage for some people. Two car payments. Groceries. Savings for your kids’ college funds.

So when she disclosed her change in income, I got curious. What was the difference in MY income in just one year. Well….here you go. Full disclosure:

October 2013 – $265.96

commissions Oct 2013

October 2014 – $763.44

Commissions Oct 2014

I promise you, I’m not trying to brag. I’m not. I mean, one of my coaches in my downline made MORE this past month than I did. If anything, SHE should be bragging. My point in posting this is to show you that there is a HUGE opportunity here. HUGE. And this is just the beginning. I started seriously coaching in July 2013…and I’m making over $700 a month now. Is that a crazy amount? Not at all. But for a teacher, a single mom of two, someone who is in the process of buying a new home and is making every penny count….yeah, an extra $700 can do a LOT for us. And I’m not stopping here. My friend who is a coach above me is making over TRIPLE what I make each month. That’s like bringing home double my teacher’s salary. All from just helping people reach their health and fitness goals.

No, this isn’t a pyramid scheme. No, I don’t have home parties. No, I’m not perfect! I eat Halloween candy and I like Starbucks, and sometimes I really don’t want to exercise. I just want to be lazy on my couch. BUT…this is my job. My second job. And I treat it as such, and not like a hobby. I have gotten to where I am by working hard and putting in the time to be a better person and coach. And because of that, I believe that this company can help me make a change in my life, both financially and in health, and I want to help others do the same.

I don’t tell you this because I’m trying to recruit more people on my team so I can make more money. If you know me, you know that isn’t my intention at all. I tell you this because I want to help YOU be more financially stable and have that level of comfort for your family. The holidays are coming up fast, and I don’t plan to use credit to buy gifts this year. I will be using my Beachbody money for that extra expense. If you want to join me, if you are getting fired up too, if you want some extra spending money or maybe you want to QUIT your full time job so you can spend more time with your family… PLEASE send me a message. Why wait? Think of where you could be in just one year’s time…or less. Let’s do this.

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