A Different Kind of Healthy

It’s crazy what life throws at us. Job changes, kid problems, sickness, death…or divorce. And during all of those types of struggles, focusing on being healthy is usually not at the top of our priorities.

Some people eat their emotions, and some people (like me) find that they can barely eat at all. We hardly find the energy to go through the motions of life, much less have the energy to exercise. Insanity? Yeah that’s more of a temporary mental state and less of a workout right now. Sorry, Shaun T.

And then there is the emotional health. The mental health. Divorce sucks, especially when you thought everything was perfect and you never saw it coming. But focusing on the past, on what you think went wrong or what could’ve been….that isn’t healthy. It is hard, but focusing on the future and finding the good in an otherwise hurtful situation is the best way to make it through without losing your mind.


So yeah – I’m going to focus on the positive. I’ve decided to make big changes in my life, move to a new place and start over with my precious kids. My son is already thrilled that out apartment has TWO pools! See? It’s the little things. 🙂

And while I still may not have much of an appetite, I’m going to try to take care of myself. I’m starting my day with PiYo and a Shakeology. I at least know I’ll be getting a good dose of nutrients – and maybe a workout will make me hungry!


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