Hmmm, Freebie Time?

Today has been quite an exciting one for me. I got not one, not two, but THREE different deliveries today! Shakeology, birthday presents for Major Kauf, tubs of protein, and two new programs: Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat!

Seriously, how am I going to find the time to do all the programs I want to do? #addict

Even more exciting than all of that was when I found out that PiYo is going to be released TOMORROW!! We didn’t think it was coming out until Monday. It will be here tomorrow!! Ahhhh!


Want to know how you can get it? Only through ME. That’s right, for now you can only purchase through a Team Beachbody coach. Lucky for you, my excitement over the release of PiYo has me cooking up a few surprises… 😉

–> Surprise #1

If you order from me in the next four days (that’s from now until Sunday 6/22 at midnight) you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE workout program worth $60!! Here is how to win:

Are you in it to win it?

Are you in it to win it?

–> Surprise #2

Additionally, the next TWO customers who sign up as a coach on my team will get a bonus gift from me! These were offered to five new coaches during the month of June and three gifts have been claimed. Don’t miss your chance! They are worth $40 each. 🙂

So what might you want to order?

Obviously PiYo is my #1 pick. It will drop tomorrow and everyone will want to snatch it up. I’m thinking it will probably sell out like the 21 Day Fix did, but you never know! My second suggestion would be to grab Insanity. The challenge pack is on sale this month at a great discount. You might think you can’t do Insanity, but I promise you can. And as a newly certified Insanity instructor, I can help you with modifications that the videos don’t show you.

PiyoBeachbody2-300x300insanity certified






So what are you waiting for?!! Pick your program, place your order, sign up to coach on one of the BEST teams in the whole business (did I mention we are in the top 300 out of over 180,000 coaches?!!), and get ready to kick off an AMAZINGLY healthy and happy summer!!

Go to to view all available products.

Deuces, ✌️


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