Major Life Changes!

It’s summer!! Last week was the end of school, and the end of my days of teaching special education (at least for now). After 11 years of IEPs, meetings, learning the curriculum for multiple subjects and grades in multiple states…I am STAYING HOME!! I’m putting away my materials for teaching school and getting things ready for teaching fitness!!

I became a certified personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in April, and I’ve been busy teaching group fitness classes – bootcamp and PiYo Live – for the past couple of months, in my “spare time” after school! Now I’m able to focus more on planning for those classes as well as working with clients who use my personal training services. I’m also able to work full time as a Beachbody coach, which is the whole reason I started in this direction!


Between being a coach and a fitness instructor/personal trainer, I have found even more motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention how much it brightens my heart with my kids and husband enjoy joining me in a workout!! Nothing makes me smile more than my 4 year old son knocking out a few squats or burpees. 😉

So if you’ve been missing my recipes, exercise tips, program recommendations, and other posts lately – you’re in luck! I will now have much more time to be devoted to posting here for all of my readers to enjoy! For now I’ll leave you with this:


Did you really need a reason anyway?

Did you really need a reason anyway?



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