P90X3 Isometrix Review

Woop woop, it’s Transition Week! And just in time because I was starting to get a little bored. That’s one of the best things about P90X3, T25, ChaLEAN Extreme…there is already plenty of variety during the week, but right when you start getting a little bored, it gets switched up again. Perfect for me.


This workout felt pretty yoga-ish to me, but in a good, strong way. Isometrics are movements that are a static hold, keeping your muscle engaged but unmoving throughout the length of the exercise. This is very different from the dynamic jumping and weightlifting that we have been doing a lot of so far. This workout requires a lot of balance, which may turn some of you off. You may be thinking it’s a waste of time, especially if you prefer to feel the burn of cardio or strength training. Don’t discount the importance of stability exercises though, as they will increase your core strength and allow you to build your body strength and power later.

Length: 30 minutes, no warm-up.

Equipment needed: if you are doing this on carpet, none really. But I pulled out my yoga mat just because.

P90X3 Isometrix Equipment Needed

This workout is divided into groups of two moves, alternating sides with the moves. For example, you do move 1 on the left side, then move 2 on the left side, then back to move 1 on the right, and then move 2 on the right. Make sense? Now here are the moves:

Group 1

Group 1 exercises

Group 1 exercises

1. Plank, arm reach – exactly what it looks and sounds like. You do a plank, while reaching one arm out to the front. Try not to twist your hips, but that’s pretty hard. It takes a ton of core strength to keep your hips level.

2. Standing leg extension – Stand straight up, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Lift one leg parallel to the floor and lift your arms overhead. Don’t fall.

Group 2

Group 2

Group 2 exercises

1. Plank, left arm, right leg lift – again, pretty self explanatory. You get into plank position, and raise your left arm and right leg at the same time. Hold it until time is called. I had to tap my foot down at times, and raise it back up because I was losing balance and strength.

2. Chair leg lift – Squat down into chair position, then lift one leg so that your thighs are parallel.

Group 3

Group 3

Group 3 exercises

1. Forearm side balance – it’s a side plank on your forearm with your other arm straight up. You can put both feet together, stacked one on the other, or you can put one foot in front of the other. I decided to get fancy and make a triangle.

2. Royal Dancer – this takes serious balance. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do it the first time. Do you see how bad my foot is gripping my mat? Yeah. Balance tip – pick a spot on the wall and stare at it the whole time. Breathe.

We are down to about 18:00 left.

Group 4

Group 4 exercises

Group 4 exercises

1. One Arm Sphinx – Get into plank position, with one arm under you, supporting with your forearm. Hold the other arm straight ahead. You’ll see I still have to work on not tilting my pelvis.

2. Tree pose – balance on one foot with the other foot nestled into your upper thigh. Raise arms overhead and look up!

Group 5

Group 5

Group 5 Exercises

1. Side arm balance – Side plank on your hand this time instead of your forearm. If you’re feeling froggy, lift your top foot up in the air. Otherwise, keep it stacked on top of the bottom foot, or in front of it on the floor.

2. Warrior 3 – Balancing on one foot, raise your other leg parallel to the floor and reach your arms out straight forward. Try to pick a spot on the floor and focus on it. It will help you stay stable.

We now have only 10:00 left!! Two-thirds complete.

Group 6

Group 6

Group 6 exercises

1. Bound Dog – In downward dog position, reach one hand to the outside of the opposite ankle. Hold and stretch.

2. Inner Balance – stand on one foot, with the other foot barely above the floor. Close your eyes and find focus within. (Tony tells you to close your eyes, then he mimes his way around the room – yes I peeked.)

Group 7 – the final one!

Group 7 exercises

Group 7 exercises

1. Bound dog leg lift – same as bound dog, but you are lifting the leg you aren’t holding on to.

2. Moon dog – Just look at the picture.

And then there’s the Burnout. Hold Crane for 30 seconds!

BurnoutAs you can see, I did not do the crane. I did crow. Apparently the difference is this: Crane uses straight arms with your legs pressed against the outside of your upper arms, whereas crow has bent arms so your shins can rest on your tricep/armpit area. Crane is harder, in my opinion, and that’s what I will do next time.

And if you’re wondering…no, I can’t hold it for 30 seconds.


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