P90X3 X3 Yoga Review

Oh wowwww. I think today was my favorite day so far! It was Day 3 of my new P90X3 program, and it was YOGA DAY!!! I have never really gotten into yoga. I don’t dislike it, I just don’t spend much time doing it. It always felt too….slow for me. I like moving, I like lifting weights, I like running. I’m not so much into being calm and still and focused. But after today’s workout, I think I’ve found a friend in yoga.X3-Yoga


Length: 30 minutes exactly. No typical warm-up. No cool-down. None needed.

Materals: I had my yoga mat, no problem. I do not own a yoga block, and I never noticed where I would need one. I guess if you can’t touch the floor, you could use a block? Or maybe you don’t reach down that far. I dunno, I don’t see the need. Heh, and if you have ready my earlier commentary, I didn’t use a towel either.

P90X3 X3 Yoga Equipment Needed


Unlike my previous reviews, there’s no way I could give you a play-by-play on this one. There are a couple of reasons for that:

1. I have no idea what all of these moves are called. When Tony says vinyasa, it looks like what I’ve thought was a cobra. And when moves kind of go together, how do I describe all of that?

2. I was way too into it to stop and write junk down. True story.

Also, there were so many moves repeated, and so many different things that couldn’t easily be shown with pictures (and no way was I videoing myself doing the whole thing!), so I just got a few snapshots here and there. Here’s the highlights.

1 yogaI was slightly surprised to see how far I was able to get my leg up into the air. It didn’t feel like it was that high and straight. Go me.

2 yogaTree pose is fun. It took me a second to figure out how to loop my arms around my leg, but I got the hang of it. And I loved the back stretching/arching exercises. Not pictured but fun: the Cat Dog. Haha, and I was surrounded by a cat and a dog, as usual. My booty got sniffed more than once.

4 yoga

I’m not the only Tree Pose lover in the house. Fun fact – he was goofing off with the dog and bumped into my rear. He fell down. This tree did not.

3 yogaI tried SOOOO HARD to get my toes off the floor! They did come off for a few seconds, but I had to keep tapping them back down. No matter, I will be much stronger soon enough and I will be able to hold this pose. VIDEO WHEN IT HAPPENS. Hold me to that. The other poses here were pretty fun. That holding my leg out to the side just by gripping my toe….yeah that didn’t happen long. What you can’t tell from this pic is I am actually tipping over! Like a teapot.

So that’s my review – sorry it can’t be more detailed but there is seriously NO way for me to include everything. What I CAN tell you is that yoga felt really good, my kids were dying to do it with me, and I can tell right now that I will be including this in my routine even more than the X3 schedule calls for. It would be great to do early in the morning or at night after a stressful day, to unwind after the kids are in bed. Especially with the 60 seconds of just lying on the floor at the end. 🙂





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