P90X3 Total Synergistics Review

Today is Day 1 of the Classic schedule in P90X3 – and day 1 of workouts for me! I will be blogging about each workout and will give you a breakdown with pictures, modifications (if necessary), and my thoughts. Because isn’t that why you read my blog? Ha.

ImageLength: 30 minutes, plus a short minute or so stretch afterwards. Don’t skip that part, or you’ll hurt more.

Equipment needed: pull-up bar (or alternate if you are modifying like me, dumbbells and/or resistance band)

Image The workout starts out with a brief warm-up, which lasts about 3.5 minutes. It consists of jumping jacks, side lunges, some arm circles, leg stretches, and some other things I didn’t write down. Then we’re ready to get started!

1. Push-up/Side Arm Balance

Well we didn’t waste any time getting serious, now did we? Thanks, Tony. The title plus my pictures should explain it all: do a push-up, then a side plank, push-up, other side plank, repeat repeat repeat. This lasts around a minute or so. To modify, do the push-ups on your knees, and use your knee closest to the floor to support your body when you go into side plank.


 2. Crescent Chair

So this one wasn’t so bad. You basically start out in something between Warrior 1 and a lunge. Then you step forward into a tight squat and keep your arms raised – otherwise known as chair pose! To modify, just don’t go as low into the movements.

2 crescent chair

3. Pull Knee Pull

Oh boy. Tony was going a little crazy with this one. You’re supposed to do a pull-up, then pull your knees up to your chest while at the top of the bar. Haha, RIIIIIIGHT. Since I don’t own a pull-up bar, nor can I do one pull-up (yet!), I modified. A girl in the video did it this way as well. I rigged my resistance band around a board on my stair rail and pulled the band back while in a lunge position. Then I brought my back knee up into a bit of a standing crunch. You do each side for about 45 seconds. To modify this move, you could use a lighter band, or maybe not pull your knee forward. Balancing can be difficult.

3 pull knee pull

Short break here, maybe 60 seconds. Get a drink of water.

4. Flip Flop Crunch

This looks a lot easier than it really is. Plus my hip flexors were SUPER sore and tight already, so that made it worse for me. Start off in elbow plank. Rotate to a side plank, extending your top arm and leg. Then crunch them together, tightening your obliques. Extend arm and leg back out, then rotate back over to elbow plank. Repeat on the opposite side. A modification could be just to rotate from elbow plank to side plank and back, maybe keep knees down.

4 flip flop crunch

5. Crawly Push-ups

Haha I don’t even have a picture for this one. I mean, I do, but they wouldn’t help. Here’s a video instead. My form isn’t the best, as I was already super sore from my earlier workout. Also, my dog says hi.

We have about 20 minutes left at this point.

6. Releve-plie, weighted

Haha ok this was kind of fun! And my dancer daughter was my photographer, so she was getting a kick out of her mom doing ballet moves. My silly faces were because I was trying really hard to keep my back straight! Hehe. I used a 15 pound dumbbell for this. I probably could’ve gone higher, so I’ll try a 20 next time. There isn’t much of a modification here, other than use lighter (or none at all) weights and don’t go as low into the moves. If you have balance issues, stay off your toes. (Kelly, I’m looking at you.) This lasts about one minute.

6 releve plie weighted

7. Chin-up Circle Crunch

Yep, another chin-up not-gonna-happen move. So I modified with the band. So you lie on the floor, feet off the ground. Bring your knees up to the right side and circle over your chest and straighten back out. Then repeat the circle going in the opposite direction. Modification? Maybe keep one foot on the ground and crunch in one knee at a time.

This is where my dog decided to get more interested in my relationship with Tony Horton.

7 chin up circle crunch

8. Boat Plow

Hands down my favorite move of the day. This is something I used to do when I was younger, just for fun! I’m glad I can still do it. Start in what I call a C sit position, legs outstretched off the ground and hands reaching toward your feet. Then at Tony’s call, you roll back and stretch your feet wayyyy over your head until your toes touch the floor. Or as far as you can go. Which ever comes first. And then you hope your dog doesn’t decide to sniff your face or you may start laughing so hard that you fall out of position. Hi, Roxie. Get out of my face.

8 boat plow

9. Balance Arch Press

This was also kind of difficult to show with just pictures, so here’s another video. Oops, forgot to tell you there is music, so turn down your speakers if kids are sleeping. I used 15 pounds, and you do 10 reps, then switch your balance to the other leg and repeat.

10. Three Hop Press

I did my best with the pictures on this one. Hold a dumbbell (I used 15#) in a squat. While in a squat, do three hops in one direction, then stand up on one leg, raise the other knee, and press your dumbbell overhead. Repeat going back in the other direction. To modify, do stationary squats without hopping, and stand up to press without raising one leg.

10 3 hop press

11. Glamour Hammer

I started with 15 pounds on this one and had to drop to 10s. I probably would’ve been fine starting and finishing with 12s. You do a basic hammer curl in front, then do another hammer curl to the side.  Repeat. That’s it. Ohhhh, except you’re balancing on one foot for 30 seconds while doing it, and then switching feet. Or don’t, if you need a modification.

11 Glamour Hammer

Now we only have about 10 minutes left! Over halfway done.

12. Brannon Boat

Not my favorite move, but it was doable. Difficult to show in pictures. Start out in C-sit, then raise and lower your legs just by inches. Then you switch to raising and lowering your upper body, all the while reaching for your legs. It takes balance and concentration for this core exercise. To modify, lower one foot to the floor.

12 Brannon boat

13. Flying Warrior

Tony tells you to go light on this one, and he says that for a reason. I used 5 lbs and that is probably my max right now. You could use no weights and still feel it. I guess this is some sort of version of Warrior 3. I’m not all that yoga-savvy, so I have no clue. I just know I almost fell over.

13 Flying Warrior

14. Squat Rockers

Basic enough – you squat, you rock up on your toes, you rock back on your heels and lift your toes off the ground. And again. Trying to keep your back as straight as possible while not falling over is the challenge. I used 15 pounds but probably could’ve done 20.

14 squat rockers

15. Side Rise Punch

This one wasn’t easy, but I think I’ll feel good when I’m able to nail it. Lie on your side. Reach your arm under your supporting arm and do a slow punch motion towards your feet. Then remove that arm and punch in the opposite direction. Do this for 30 seconds on each side. My uncoordinated self had to watch them a couple of times before I got the hang of it (notice that confused look on my face?). And 5 pounds was all I could do. Don’t feel bad if you do this unweighted at first.

15 side rise punch

16. Warrior Squat Moon

Last move! And thank goodness it was. All these warrior moves, Tony – what’s up with that? Anywho, I really had a hard time balancing. Maybe I was tired. I’ll just let the pics speak for themselves.

16 warrior squat moon

One minute cooldown after the workouts were over. STREEEETTTCH!!! Then drink some Shakeology and R&R.

For my first workout, I actually liked it. I didn’t feel like I was in way over my head (ahem, Insanity), and I liked that I wasn’t gasping for breath every minute. But at the same time I felt like I got in a good workout for my 30 minutes that I can squeeze in before work. And while I’m not able to do all of the moves unmodified right now, I definitely have goals to reach before the end of the program. I want to increase my weights later and I WILL DO A PULL-UP BEFORE APRIL 6. It will happen. Pics for proof. 😉


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