It’s time for a giveaway!

sports bra collage

I haven’t done a giveaway in quite a while, so I decided today that I would have one! And with it being November, and so close to Thanksgiving, and all those warm, gooey, happy feelings…well, why just stop at one?

This first giveaway I am doing is for one of my ❤ FAVORITE ❤ sports bras! I love the Moving Comfort Fiona bra (the rear clasp is so much easier than trying to squirrel through the tiny neck hole of a no-clasp bra!), but let’s be real – those are kinda pricey. I pretty much own just one of those at a time, and save them for realllly long runs. Or Insanity.

The bra I really like – one that is super affordable – is the C9 by Champion. The seamless bras are uh-may-zing. Actually comfortable, comes in cute colors, and doesn’t require that I wear more than one bra to get the support I need. And did I mention they are cute? Because yes, I’m a girly girl, and I need to feel cute when I get my sweat on.

So…don’t you want to win your own FREE sports bra??

freebie someecard


Well you can! Here’s how:

1. Go to and “like” my page.
2. Scroll down until you see the contest post. It was posted on the morning of November 11, 2013 (today).
3. Like the post, then comment and say – “I want one!” – that’s one entry.
5. SHARE the post on your own timeline/page. It has to be public so I can see it! – that’s another entry.
6. If you have family and friends who also like my page and comment “Betty Sue sent me here” – then you can get up to THREE additional entries for a total of FIVE maximum!

Hurry and enter to win – the contest will end at 6pm EST on Friday, 11/15/13!! Winner will be chosen at random and announced on my Facebook page. Winner will have a choice of color and size.

Be sure to check in throughout the month because I already have MORE giveaways in the works! I’m working with a few independent businesses to bring you some fab fitness gear, so stay tuned!



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