Paleo Diet, Day 8

Yes, I know, I skipped day 7. I can’t even remember much of what I ate yesterday, so I’ll just skip it.

One thing I do remember that I ate yesterday was some stir fry for dinner. Hubs remembered that we actually own an electric wok (hasn’t been used in probably two years) and he decided to cook dinner with it. He sliced up some very thin pieces of pork, opened a bag of frozen broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, and threw em together. It was yum! Last night I ate it with some hot sauce. Today I ate the leftovers with a bunch of curry seasoning mixed in. Mmmm…I’m salivating just thinking about it.


So here is my recap of today:

*E&E, Insanity fit test
*Vanilla shakeology with R&R
*coffee with one stevia and some half and half (forgot to make coffee at home, had to grab some from ABC)
*raw almonds and a pear
*super delish leftover curry pork and veggies omg
*coffee with stevia and almond milk (I was in training all day and I didn’t want to fall asleep!!)
*few more almonds
*dinner was interesting – tender steak (fake filet mignon? I dunno.), baked carrot fries, and roasted cabbage with bacon

Ok. So the steak was good. Slightly over cooked in the pan, but not bad. The carrot fries were AWESOME and I’ll make them again. Bonus?? The whole bag of carrots was like $.35 at the commissary. The kids are them up. The cabbage….meh. I’ll do it differently next time, I’ll just say that. But KK did eat some of it. And the bacon was delish. 😉

So today was my Insanity fit test. It was tough and I thought I might barf. But the push-up jacks were easier that I expected! And I didn’t quit on anything. Took a few breaks, yes. But no pushing stop and walking away. And that is success.

We will see what happens tomorrow. Eeek!!

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