Paleo Diet Day 6 – not so good


Well…it was bound to happen. I cheated.

Today started out fine. Banana and eggs for breakfast. Leftover Mediterranean chicken for lunch. Coffee in there somewhere. Raw cashews for a snack.

And then it went downhill.

Our kitchen was out of order. Stove and fridge pulled out, sink wasn’t fully installed, counters were just being placed. Out of apples, out of leftovers, out of snacks…I was tired from having disrupted sleep last night…and I caved. I decided to make a bowl of Kashi vanilla cereal with skim milk. Then I asked hubs to bring home a pack of peanut M&Ms from Lowe’s. THEN I made some air popped popcorn for KK and drizzled Kerrygold butter on top. Mmmm it was so yummy.

But then I felt AWFUL. My stomach HURT. It was so bloated and tight that I looked very pregnant! And then my stomach really showed me how angry it was – I’ll spare you the details, but it wasn’t good.

We ended up getting takeout for dinner, and it was surprisingly pretty paleo! It was from a local Pakistani restaurant – a chopped veggie salad, some chicken with a spinach/cilantro/jalapeño mix, and some spinach with goat cheese. Of course the naan wasn’t paleo and the basmati rice wasn’t the best choice, but it didn’t make me feel terrible.

I think from today, I learned that lack of planning is REALLY bad. You can’t stay on track if you aren’t fully prepared. And thinking you will cheat or treat yourself might just backfire!!

I am meal planning tonight and getting my list all written out so I can hit up the commissary tomorrow for groceries for the week. I won’t have another day like today! And even though tomorrow is the end of my first challenge, I’m not ready to quit. Especially when hubs says he is going to commit to eating paleo for a week!! He says he will eat everything I tell him to – Hahahaha this will be fun.

2 thoughts on “Paleo Diet Day 6 – not so good

  1. Jim Corcoran says:

    In recent years, the “paleo diet,” a diet based on the perceived eating habits of prehistoric people has become wildly popular. But, says paleontologist Christina Warinner, this diet is based on an incorrect view of how early humans lived. Using modern day research, Warinner traces the roots of the human diet to discover what we can really learn from the food of our ancestors.

    Science Debunks the Paleo Diet—Again

    The Paleo Diet Is Uncivilized (And Unhealthy and Untrue).

    If the Paleo Diet fad is so healthy and responsible for brain growth, then why didn’t the Neanderthals survive and thrive? They had 300,000 years in Europe following the diet to make themselves into “Einsteins!” Speaking of Albert Einstein, this is what he had to say on the subject of health and survival: “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” &

    You get better results with a vegan lifestyle, without the high risks of cancer and heart disease, which most cavemen didn’t live long enough to experience. It’s eliminating processed foods and eating veggies that make you healthy!

    “Tens of millions of people are enjoying long, healthy, vegan lifestyles today and these numbers dwarf the total number of paleolithic people ever born.”


  2. Jim Corcoran says:

    Many of the most successful athletes worldwide are now vegan. While they may differ in that they have decided to go vegan to avoid animal cruelty, for their health, to reduce environmental impact, or other reasons, they have one large similarity. They have proved that excellence and veganism often go together.

    Myths still persist that state that it is not possible to be vegan and be successful in sport. These myths do not have a foundation in science, and athletes build muscle, endurance and ability on plant sources and many go on to achieve great things. The performance of these athletes is proof that veganism can and does enable excellence

    Eat like a Gladiator


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