Paleo Diet, Day 5 – a great day!

Seriously, like the title said – it was a great day. I got some serious tired/stress cravings mid-day, but even if I wanted to give in, there were no snickers or cokes in sight! Impossible to break down and cheat when there isn’t anything to cheat with.

The absolute BEST part of my day was dinner. I planned it out, put everything in the crock pot this morning, and ohmygod if you think you can’t eat paleo, think again.


It is Mediterranean chicken over spaghetti squash. I love spaghetti squash alone, but it was even better with this tomato-y sauce on top. Mmmmm!

Unfortunately it wasn’t completely kid approved. H ate everything except the artichoke hearts, but this is K trying to tell me all the reasons why he shouldn’t eat his spaghetti squash. He did at least eat the chicken.


Ok, so full day recap:

*vanilla shakeology with coffee and extra vanilla flavor (terrible idea, I hated it but drank it anyway)
*apple, almonds, banana
*leftover chili, cauliflower
*more almonds, orange slices
*mediterranean chicken, spaghetti squash, one glass of red wine

I’m thinking about having a cup of decaf later. And yes, I know, I’m eating too much fruit. Working on that.

Ok, now for the dirty details (might be TMI).. I don’t know what switch flipped in my body today, but it was like someone turned on a faucet and forgot about it. I don’t think I drank much more water than usual, but I definitely went to the bathroom about five times at work! Normally I go twice at the most. I’m wondering if something about my eating made my body decide it didn’t need to hold onto so much water anymore. Weird.

Things are about to get interesting now…hubs is coming home tonight from his week-long vacation. It is usually difficult to stick to an eating plan when he is around because we generally don’t want to eat the same way and I am easily swayed by his decisions. It might be hard next week! I’m determined to do it though.

Chicken recipe here:

2 thoughts on “Paleo Diet, Day 5 – a great day!

  1. Gina says:

    . I’m having Curtis do the one week challenge with me. See if Nick will too and if he doesn’t like some of the foods, have him come up with some he does like. Bacon is paleo right? Put bacon on anything you make and I bet he’d try it. πŸ™‚ Good luck!! You got this!


    • kaufycup says:

      Haha bacon IS paleo!! I’ve been eating it this week. πŸ˜‰ Nick says he wants to do it, wants to start eating better. Saying and doing are two different things though. We’ll see!


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