Paleo Diet, Day 4

It isn’t easy eating paleo when you don’t have much food in the house. Or when you’re tired. Or when you don’t feel like cooking that butternut squash soup because it’s too warm outside and you want to go run, but you’re still hungry and don’t want to run on an empty stomach. It isn’t easy at all.

Well the run didn’t happen, and after digging around (more like I stopped looking at the cereal and pasta) I found food. Frozen fish and frozen cauliflower. Dinner happened.


Here’s my daily recap:

*P90X Ab Ripper X
*mint chocolate shakeology – my absolute favorite
*coffee with one stevia and almond milk
*apple, few orange slices, boiled egg
*ultimate paleo chili over lettuce
*almonds, and I think a couple more orange slices
*fish and cauliflower with some wing sauce on top. I realize now that the plain hot sauce is paleo but I guess wing sauce technically isn’t? Not sure why, but it didn’t have added sugar so I went with it.
*kale chips, mmmm
*about to make a second shakeology for dessert!

I actually plugged everything into my fitness pal tonight to see how I’m doing. I’m barely getting 1200 calories! And I eat ALL DAY. I was so stuffed at lunch that I actually groaned and felt uncomfortable for a while. But never got that really yucky feeling that I used to get from eating all my old foods!

It’s no wonder I’m already down 3-4 lbs from this past weekend. Which I think is uh-may-zing. I think I’m finally breaking through this plateau…and even during shark week, if you can believe that.

Tomorrow will be a challenge. We are destroying our kitchen while new counters are delivered. I may try to make a big batch of food in the crock pot so I have easy leftovers for Saturday. Gotta hit up the store for more fresh fruit and veggies as well. Failing to plan is planning to fail, right? And this chick DOESN’T fail. Not anymore.

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