Paleo Diet, Day 3

Woohoo, no headache today!! Today was definitely way easier than the first two days, which I attribute to my body getting over the “sugar flu” and not thinking that it needs so many carbs all day.


So here is my day:

*Energy & Endurance, Focus T25 Rip’t Circuit – NAILED IT!!
*Vanilla Shakeology, Results & Recovery, vanilla almond milk
*Banana and orange slices
*Two boiled eggs, salad
*Almonds, banana (a little fruit heavy today)
*Ultimate Paleo chili, recipe from Robb Wolf


This stuff was amazing. This picture isn’t great because I was scarfing it down…and honestly this was my second bowl haha.

I followed the recipe pretty closely, except I used ground turkey in place of beef. I also used Rotel instead of just tomatoes because it was what I had. But I will definitely be making this again! And who knew you’d ever want to put coffee IN your chili??

I’ll absolutely never used packets of chili mix again.

Make this soon. You won’t regret it.

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