Paleo Diet, Day 2 Done


Today wasn’t so easy. I got pretty overwhelmed at work with so many things going on, and I REALLY wanted a snack. Chocolate, candy, anything bad. But there was nothing. :-/ This may be the only time I’ve ever been thankful that we don’t have a vending machine at work. I’m such an emotional eater – having the food removed from access is my best road to success.

But I made it through the day. We weren’t able to go to the potluck tonight as planned, so I needed a fast food plan – and that almost became fast food. I didn’t do it though! Here’s my day:

*energy and Endurance
*focus t25 core cardio
*vanilla shakeology with coffee and ice
*boiled egg, almonds, apple
*salad with balsamic vinegar, leftover pork chop
*more almonds
*avocado deviled eggs, bacon, zucchini and onions
*decaf coffee

I’m considering making a mint chocolate shakeology because I am still hungry! And this lack of sugar has made my head a little achy. :-/ Maybe I’ll just fill up on some more water before it gets too late. Either way, it’s an early bedtime for me tonight! This mama needs her rest.

Sweet dreams!

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