Shameless Brag – Abs!!

Spontaneous post because I have to brag! I was so excited this morning when I saw my ABS!!! I was drying my hair and looked in the mirror and saw LINES in my tummy area! And not the horizontal lines I’m used to. There is the beginning of ab definition and I can’t wait to uncover more!

I leaned sideways to get under my hair and my obliques told me hello! So stinking exciting!


This is my stomach right now. After one round of ChaLEAN Extreme and two full weeks of T25, plus lots of clean eating and dedication, I’m seeing progress! Yes there are stomachs out there better than mine, but I’m not comparing to them. I’m comparing to my OWN body! And this is one I’ve never had before. Still a little squish in the muffin area and on top of that soon-to-be six pack, but I’m ok with that! I’m not embarrassed to wear a snug fitting shirt today because I’m happy with my body. But definitely not done! I’m going to see just what this 33 year old body is capable of!

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