Focus T25 – Review, Week 2

Two full weeks of Focus T25 down, and this is what my group of testers has to say. I am strictly copying and pasting their comments from our Facebook support group:

I did test my body fat the other day and it was down about 1.5% the last time I tested May 30th.

Down 2 lbs this week! Since I weighed in and measured myself on the 7th of July (for a family fitness challenge we’re doing) I’m down 7 lbs and 7 inches all over.

Waist is down 1-2 inches, arms are down .25 inches, and hips are down an inch!! YAY!!!

I can’t tell you my exact weight loss because our old scale was giving me a 9 lbs window as to what I could weigh so I just bought a new one yesterday. Best guess is about 1.5 lbs. I CAN say that I lost 5 inches combined!!! Yay!

Guess who is down 2lbs and 2 inches?

Total Body and Speed 1.0 are a tie for my favorites. I love sweating like that,lol.

Love the stretch!!! Speed 1.0!

Woohoo! Nailed it today! Such a difference in just a week!!!

Cardio today was great!! Still a challenge, but getting easier. I’m feeling stronger everyday and fitting better in my clothes:) I LOVE the way I feel after a workout!!!!!!

Clothes are already fitting better!!!

Love Love Love the stretch!!! It was nice to think, I’ve got this! Instead of OMG is it almost over.

Got in the Cardio this morning, and took our measurements. My waist is down 4.5 inches!!! My hips down 1.5. All in a week! My official weight loss is 4.1lbs. I am so proud of myself!!!

Some of these comments were posted just after the FIRST WEEK of workouts! We are seriously LOVING this program, and everyone is working hard to NAIL IT! Only 3 more weeks of the alpha phase, and then we take our “in progress” pictures. I can’t wait to see how these ladies are doing after alpha is over!

I have worn my Garmin heart rate monitor during workouts, and I am burning about the same calories in just 25 minutes with Shaun T (~260) as I do when I run 3 miles outside. And it takes me LONGER to run that far!

If you are busy like we are (mom, wife, teacher…it never ends!), but don’t want to compromise your daily fitness, this program would be GREAT for you. It’s easy to fit in 25 minutes of exercise per day – especially when you can do it at home, or anywherereally. No need to worry about childcare, what the weather is like, if you haven’t showered today, or if your shorts have holes in them. You do what you do at home, and you feel great about it for the rest of the day!

Focus T25 is only on sale through the end of July. If you want to get the program and join us for our next challenge group, you need to order before August 5. But on August 1, the price goes up! Order today or message me for more info.


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