What else is there to do on a rainy summer day, when it’s too dreary to get out and do much of anything? Movie watching is the perfect pastime! And what’s a movie without some yummy popcorn to munch on?


Our family decided to quit eating microwave popcorn a few months ago. Here is just one article detailing the harmful effects of that stuff. While we all love popcorn, I just wasn’t willing to let my family munch on the yucky stuff anymore. So we decided to try an air popper instead.


Hubs and I picked this little contraption up at Walmart for about $15. We also got a big bag of popcorn kernels for somewhere around $2. They had a bag of Orville Redenbacher kernels for a lot more, but in my opinion a kernel is a kernel. They are all plain anyway!

You can get a box of the microwave stuff for about $5 for 10 bags. So after buying microwave popcorn about 4 times, this purchase is paid for. And a bag of kernels will last quite a while! If you are cost-conscious at all, air popped popcorn is the way to go.

It took a little bit of practice with the toppings, but we have finally perfected this snack. The great thing is it never burns! While the popper is heating up, we warm about a tablespoon of butter (mmm, Kerrygold butter) in the microwave. We drizzle it over the popped corn, then sprinkle with salt and shake up the bowl. It tastes SO much better than microwave popcorn. I can’t even describe it. And no chemical aftertaste either.

If you love munching popcorn at home, I highly recommend you invest in an air popper! Definitely worth it.

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