Giveaway time!!!


This month I’m trying something new. You all know how excited I have been about my Beachbody products – working out and Shakeology specifically – so I have decided to GIVE some of my favorite products away! And the best part is you have TWO ways to win this month!

Starting tomorrow, July 1, you have one whole month to win a prize pack from me. And as I said, you have TWO ways to win because there are TWO separate prizes!


The first giveaway is for new challengers! If you have been thinking about trying out Shakeology and you’re looking for a new fitness program, this option is for you!! The one requirement for this prize is that you must choose a challenge pack to buy. I will personally be starting Focus T25 this month. I absolutely can not WAIT to get it, I have been hearing about it for a while and I’ve seen teasers all over the internet. I have friends who have started it and they all talk about how great it is. The best parts are: 1) It’s quick. Only 25 minutes for a workout, and 2) It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you have because ANYBODY can do it! There are modifications for people who are just beginning, but it’s still challenging for those hard-core fitness people out there. You do NOT have to do the Focus T25 challenge pack to enter…it’s just the one I am choosing. There are lots to choose from, depending on what kind of exercise you prefer! You can look at all of the challenge packs available here, just click on SHOP:

If you are military or are a military spouse, YOU WILL WANT to become a coach. No question about it. You are never, ever required to sell anything. You don’t have to actively coach anyone if you don’t want to. You can sign up as a coach strictly for the 25% discount. It’s what I did! I love Shakeology and I fully believe that it is worth $4 per day for a meal that is more nutrient dense than anything I can prepare for myself in my kitchen….but I also like to save money. 🙂 And if I can drink my Shakeology for less, then that’s what I’m going to do!


Even if you aren’t a military spouse, if you plan to drink Shakeology on a regular basis, you might as well sign up to be a coach. Non-military coaches do have to pay a business fee of $15.95 per month…BUT…you will be saving over $30 on each bag of Shakeology, not to mention the 25% discount on any future workout programs or supplements. It just makes sense to get that discount! I’m wondering if the Beachbody CEOs have even considered this math, haha.

Ok, moving on!

social butterflySo you aren’t quite ready to commit to Shakeology. Maybe you have a routine at your gym that you love and you don’t want to get something new right now. Maybe Jillian Michaels is more your thing than Shaun T is (please say it isn’t so!). That’s ok — you can still win something! Nothing to buy, no commitments…just help me share my blog! Here are SIX different ways you can enter the Social Butterfly giveaway. For each way you want to participate, please COMMENT BELOW. That is how I will keep up with each entry. And if you already are doing some of these things, comment and say so! If you are in my clean eating group on Facebook, comment and tell me that. If you have signed up to subscribe and follow my blog and get updates (just clicking the link on FB doesn’t count!), leave a comment for that. It’s that easy! And who doesn’t like to win something for free??

Speaking of winning…I bet you are wondering what you will win. Right?

Prize pack #1 for the Challengers…

You will win an AWESOME Beachbody workout program! I can’t say which one it is because I am going to let the winner choose! That way it will be completely geared toward your personal health goals and preferences.  Am I nice or what? On top of that, you will get 5 packets of Shakeology, a sweet shaker cup, and 3 P90X bars. This prize pack has a value of AT LEAST $100.00!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never won anything like that before. And as an even bigger bonus, you will have the opportunity to win $500 or MORE in the Beachbody Challenge.

Prize pack #2 for the Social Butterflies…

Just for helping me promote my blog and get more followers, you will get your very own Hip Hop Abs by my man Shaun T! Along with that, you get 2 packets of Shakeology – your choice of flavors – a shaker cup, and 2 P90X bars. That prize is worth over $40.00! Not bad for just doing a little clicking and commenting, eh?

Winners will be chosen randomly on August 1 and will be announced here on my blog.  And….you can enter BOTH contests. So get to it!


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