Summer Grilling

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! This Father’s Day, my baby daddy finally got what every man needs: a grill. A REAL grill. We used to have a small, junky one that used charcoal, but it never quite worked out like it was supposed to. Call it operator error if you must, but it was a source of stress more than it produced good food. But you bring in the new gas grill today, and a whole new door has been opened.


I am even getting excited about trying to grill food by myself -yes I steal hubby’s gifts-, and I’ve always been a little scared of that. I know my way around the kitchen with my eyes closed, but grilling was something my dad did. I never interfered (except to sneak bites of steak he would feed me) and I never actually tried to learn the art of grilling. Until now…because one of my Facebook friends is constantly posting the most DELICIOUS food pictures on FB and Instagram, and I just want to eat my phone every time I see them. I’ve even taken screen shots of some of her pics because I can’t wait to replicate some of her meals. (Stalk much?) 

So tonight of course we had to break it in! We started out with some fairly easy foods – hamburgers, brats, a couple of hot dogs for the kids…and my request: grilled pineapple with cinnamon. I guess I didn’t get enough of it last night. Mmm, it was so good! And of course the rest of the food was yummy too.

I also tried a new recipe that was recommended to me by Dinah over at — roasted Brussels sprouts! I used this recipe, but didn’t have any thyme, so I just dusted the sprouts with some garlic powder, salt, and pepper. I also tossed the pecans in about halfway through baking so they could get a little toasty without burning. Hubs still very much hates Brussels sprouts, but even he admitted that these were by far the best ones he has ever had. I still call that success.


So tomorrow we are thinking of trying out steaks, asparagus, maybe some carrots, onions…oooh maybe avocado?? The possibilities are endless!! Keep tuning in for more grilling and cooking adventures in the Kauf household this summer.

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