60 Day Results


I really wasn’t expecting this. This past month has been…less than optimal. With so much stress, I have not eaten quite as I should. And I’m definitely an emotional eater. And I like to reward myself with food. (Driving 10 hours = appetizer, dinner, drink) So when I didn’t notice much progress in the mirror or on the scale, I was prepared to see no change.

However, that was not the case. I woke up this morning, weighed myself, worked out, and took my measurements. And these were my results.

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3No, I haven’t been painted white or lost a tan, haha. I guess those wooden floors really reflected some color onto my skin back in May. And when I look at myself in these pictures, I don’t really see a lot of fat loss…but what I DO see is MUSCLE!!! Check out those arms, baby! Welcome to the gun show! Never, never, never in my life have I had muscles like that. Definition! And my back – it’s hard to tell (thanks, pasty skin) but the middle of my back is more cut and the muscles are more defined. It’s also a shame that my legs don’t show off quite how far they have come…I have quads and hamstrings in there that you just can’t see yet! I feel them! And when I flex, I can see them. They are just still a little bit hidden down in the squish. But I know it will be more obvious next month!

My weight didn’t change. It was exactly the same today as it was the last time I took measurements. Sometimes I think my scale is a lying jerk, but who knows. What DOESN’T lie is my measuring tape! Today my waist was down 1 inch, my arms were down 1/4 inch, and my thighs were each down 1/2 inch. That’s not too shabby! Especially since I know I am building up muscle underneath it all.

So what next?

Well, get a little sun on that skin is one goal. Ha. And work on getting that fat off! Abs are made in the kitchen, so like I described in a previous post, I’m going to strip the fat off with a super-clean eating plan for the next month. And today was day 1!! I’m also going to continue with the last phase of ChaLEAN Extreme. It’s the lean phase and I’m more than ready to get lean.

Here’s what I ate today:


Breakfast was 2 eggs, scrambled, with some onions, mushrooms, and a small handful of spinach. Mmmm. And coffee, of course.


Lunch was a spinach salad with one Roma tomato, a few onion slices, and a 4oz piece of chicken, shredded on top. Lemon juice for dressing. I thought I liked lemon juice on salads, but it kinda makes my teeth feel weird. I might not use that anymore.

pic3Dinner was another 4oz piece of chicken (just reheated from lunch), 1/2 brown rice, 1/2 steamed broccoli, and 1/3 avocado. I wanted to put salsa on my rice and chicken but some girl who lives in my house (I won’t name names, AHEM) used up the last of the salsa yesterday and didn’t tell anyone. Grrr.

I also had some fruit, nuts, carrots and hummus, and a shakeology shake for snacks during the day. And right now, I’m drinking my nightly indulgence of decaf coffee, one packet of Stevia, and a little unsweetened almond milk. I felt REALLY good today. Worked out this morning, didn’t have a dip in energy at all. We all washed the car today and tonight I worked in the garage, moving around boxes and unpacking. And I wasn’t short on calories at all! I still had about 1600 calories today, and I probably earned about 200 calories from exercise – putting me at a net of 1400 calories. I’m actually more concerned about eating enough calories with the level of fitness I’m doing. I can always see how things go and tweak as needed.

I’m pretty excited to see how this next month will go! The challenge will be staying on track when hubs gets here next week. I tend to slip into bad eating habits when he is around (Did I say I was an emotional eater? Yep, happy = eating.). But with all of his love and support, I know he won’t let me do that. Besides, he wants his wife to be as hot as possible, right? Haha. Let’s do it. Here I come month 3!! I’m ready to kill this!



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