It’s time to get STRIPPED!

challengetimeSummer is coming up fast. For some of us, it’s already here! The kids are home, enjoying their break from school. They are playing, relaxing, having fun. The weather is warming up and it’s time to break out those shorts and tank tops…and of course the dreaded BATHING SUIT. Are you ready to wear yours? Don’t resign yourself to covering up again this summer, sitting in the shade with a tshirt or swimming in shorts. GET READY FOR THE HOT WEATHER! Sweat! Make yourself and your health a priority and sign up for a challenge!!


Starting in June, I will have TWO new challenge groups. Challenge group #1 is all about getting STRIPPED. We will focus on eating clean, using Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet Stripped book as our guide. It’s true – abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. What you eat is going to determine how your clothes fit. We will be exercising daily – but what you do is your choice. No specific programs required. Just MOVE. Breathe hard. Sweat. Push. I will tell you what to eat and when to eat it (my husband is going to love that). I have one month left in my own personal challenge group, so I will be doing the eating plan right along with you! I’m going to be sharpening up my game during this last month so I can get the best results possible! This group is great for getting off those last few pounds, or for getting a jump start on eating healthier. Drinking Shakeology is not required in this group, but it is definitely encouraged. I will be drinking it daily. It’s not called the healthiest meal of the day for nothing! Even my children drink shakes – when I’m nice enough to share, haha. If you are new to Shakeology and want more information, this page will give you all the facts. I do have single serving packets available of both chocolate and the new greenberry if you want to purchase them from me before you commit!

Challenge group #2 is the real deal. It is a 60-day Beachbody challenge group for getting maximum results. Here’s what you get from this group:

  • meal planning advice, healthy eating tips, and nutrition information
  • one-on-one support from your coach (me!)
  • motivation and accountability

The challenge group and coaching is FREE – you just have to choose a challenge pack and order it! Your challenge pack will give you your workout program and a month of Shakeology (I really recommend chocolate!) at a DISCOUNTED price, free shipping, and a 30 day trial membership in the Team Beachbody Club. Go to to check out your options. And if you have any questions about the programs, just ask me!

Did I mention you could also WIN MONEY?!! Yup! You can sign up for the official Beachbody Challenge and win $500 or more! That’s what I’m working on. Go ahead and pay ME to work out and look good, that’s what I’M talking about!

winner1 winner2 winner3

And if you want to save even MORE money – like up to 25% off anything you order – talk to me about signing up as a coach. Especially if you or your spouse are military!

So which challenge group are YOU going to sign up for? Group 1 is going to get you started…but Group 2 is what is going to knock your socks off. You will be SHOCKED with your own results, seeing what you are capable of. And you will find that doing this together – with other people who have the same goals of being healthy – will help you to be motivated more than you can do on your own. This is how I’ve been so successful with sticking to it. We’re in this together. Are you ready to commit?!!

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