Meal Planning for the week!

Sunday again! I haven’t made a meal plan in a while, so it felt good to sit down and do that today. My computer is slightly broken, so it was back to good ol’ pencil and paper. 🙂


I decided to start doing a theme for each day of the week to make it fun and keep us from getting bored. Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday (pretty big Mexican food eaters), Wild Wednesday (new foods, spicy foods), Theme Thursday (cultural dishes, raw, grilled), Fishy Friday, Sandwich Saturday, and Lazy Sunday (for leftovers or easy foods during football season). The kids already seem excited about it. I’m thinking of putting up a dry erase board with our days labeled.

So I made a menu, using ideas from the kids, ideas of foods we typically eat, and a few new recipes from my ChaLEAN and Eat-Clean cookbooks. Wanted to get a little variety in there. Then I made my list and went to the commissary to get our food for the week. Really hoping I don’t have to shop again until next Sunday.

Trying to watch my budget again, so starting with this week, I will be saving all of my receipts. That way I can total it at the end of the month. Today I spent about $145, and that should last us until Sunday. About $20 was a splurge on sushi for tonight’s dinner because I can’t even remember the last time I’ve eaten any. Another $10 was for a razor because I left mine in a hotel during our move. Boo. I also tossed in a spaghetti squash, some frozen English muffins, an extra pack of ground turkey, some veggie burgers, and some pasta that I bought with a coupon – none of that was on this week’s menu, but it will roll over to next week. So that should even out. It isn’t helping that I’m starting with a mostly bare kitchen!! But I’m trying to take it slowly and not go buy everything all at once. We are mostly eating fresh produce and some lean meat though, so it isn’t so bad.

What are YOU planning to eat this week?

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