Shakeology Cleanse, Day 1

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post! Moving halfway across the US really is a pain in the butt. And back. And everything else. And unfortunately, with all of that moving stress…my plan to stay on the healthy train went out the window. I ate some fast food, a little bit of snacky food (nothing too terrible), had some burger and fry bombs from Chili’s and Outback, and had a couple of drinks to calm the nerves. Then once we arrived at the new house, we continued eating some comfort food including desserts…and hello chocolate! Mmmmmm. I couldn’t even drink my Shakeology like I’d wanted to because I had lost my shaker cups in the middle of loading up. So between last Friday and today I was quite the mess!

You can understand why today, after everyone else had left and it was just the kids and me, I decided I REALLY needed to get back on track. My sleeping wasn’t going so well, I’d been missing workouts, and I just didn’t have the energy that I needed to get through all of this.  Not to mention, I unpacked my scale last night and saw that my weight had gone back up. That didn’t make me happy at all.

So I started out with a chocolate Shakeology mixed with coffee and ice for breakfast…then got the idea to look up the Shakeology cleanse. It’s a 3 day cleanse, and nothing like those terrible lemon juice/cayenne pepper things that you hear about – the Master Cleanse, is that what it’s called? Anyway, on the Shakeology cleanse you actually still EAT. And we know I like to eat. So it was game on.

This is what it’s all about —3-day Cleanse (2) Shakeology-CleanseI’m not doing the cleanse to try to lose a bunch of weight fast. And it’s not the type of cleanse to make you run for the toilet all day, although the probiotics in the Shakeology can help you to clear out anything that you may have hanging around in your intestines. What this is really about is giving you lots of nutrition while cleaning out the toxins in your body. It isn’t recommended that you do this for very long, because it is quite calorie-restrictive. But a 3-day cleanse is enough to give your body a jump start on getting back on the healthy track.

So here’s day 1:

7:00 AM – scoop of chocolate Shakeology with ice and a cup of coffee (this was before I’d decided to actually do the cleanse)
10:30 AM – one apple – feeling a little hungry
noon – scoop of chocolate Shakeology with ice and water
2:00 PM – cup of green tea – forgot to drink this right after lunch
4:00 PM- scoop of chocolate Shakeology with ice and water – was VERY hungry before this snack
5:00 PM – attempted to do a workout, wasn’t feeling it, did some random ab work instead (exercise isn’t really recommended during the cleanse)
6:00 PM – massive salad (2c spinach, slice of onion, 6 grape tomatoes, 1c mushrooms, 1c broccoli, 3oz baby carrots), 4 oz baked chicken, 1/8 fresh lemon juice for dressing

My dinner was a sign that my eyes were wayyy bigger than my stomach. I couldn’t even finish all of it in the first try. I ate until I was full, then took a break and ate the rest around 8:00 PM. It was pretty yummy, too. Here’s a pic of my dinner, and the kids’ dinner.


Total calories for the day – 891

Feelings at the end of day 1 – I was pretty hungry today, but then again I’ve been eating to the point of being stuffed, so my stomach needs to be retrained. I had a little energy slump in the middle of the day, but I also had my sleep disrupted pretty badly last night, so that could be a big part of it. No terrible cravings. Definitely something I can do for 3 days, but I’d like to do my strength workout tomorrow (if I can find the DVD). Hoping that doing that workout right before dinner will keep me from being too hungry throughout the day, plus the protein I eat at dinner should help with recovery. All in all, I’d say day 1 was a success!!

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