Food Post!!

I have been soooo busy lately trying to prepare for our upcoming move that I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like. But I am still staying on track with my goals! Working out according to plan and eating clean foods most of the time. Let me share a few recent yummies with you.

This morning, my breakfast was inspired by a friend who was telling me what she had eaten. I improvised a little and came up with this delicious masterpiece.


It’s simple, really. Some butter, wilted spinach and onion slivers, two eggs on top, and a little feta cheese scrambled in there. Like heaven on a plate.

This afternoon, little KK requested chocolate muffins, so I made some of Jamie Eason’s chocolate protein bars – only in a muffin tin. For some reason, he likes the muffins more than the bars. Maybe it’s the cupcake shape.

With our recent cooler weather, I was inspired to run the oven a little more this evening. So I baked granola for the first time.


This was VERY easy and made my house smell delicious! I used this recipe as a base, but changed the rolled oats to Bob’s Red Mill 5 Grain Cereal and added 1/2 cup raw almond slivers. I also subbed honey for the agave. I planned to use the granola for cereal or to go in yogurt, but I couldn’t stop myself from just putting some warm, fresh granola into a bowl and eating it plain!

We didn’t have much time to prep dinner tonight (crazy tween dance schedules!!) so we had a simple meal that we eat often. Quinoa, black beans, and feta cheese. I really should buy feta by the vat.


I would recommend any of these recipes if you haven’t tried them! And don’t be afraid to switch things up. You might discover something new that works for you.


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