Gluteus Maximus May!

Alright team! If you are here from our monthly Facebook workout group, then you are in the right place. If you’re not from that group, and you’d like to join our closed workout group for FREE, click here and request to get in!

Last month you guys rocked your arms. This month, it’s all about the BOOTY!! Gotta get those tushies tight for bathing suit season!

Here’s our calendar for this month:

gluteus maximus may

Not sure what all of those exercises are? Here are some videos to show you how to do them.


You can either put your feet at hip-width, or you can have them closer together, but make sure your knees don’t go over your toes!


Skip ahead to about :50 in this video. You can do any version of the burpee that your body will allow. You do NOT have to include the pushup unless you reeeaallly want to. And only do as many as you can do in the specified amount of time!! So for Day 1, that’s 30 SECONDS, not 30 burpees.


You will also do these for the time specified, not multiple wall sits. 😉

And there you go! Let’s get those booties rocking!


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