What should I eat??

A lot of people ask me that question when we first start talking about eating clean. It’s difficult to answer, because I actually eat a lot of things! I figure the easiest way may be to show you what we eat, and then go from there.

This is what a typical food shopping trip looks like for me.

shopping trip

Kashi cereal was on sale, so I grabbed two boxes. The Indigo Morning says it’s non-GMO, and it only has 6g of sugar per serving. It’s pretty yummy! Tastes sweet even though it really isn’t. The Newtons aren’t something I’d normally buy, but they were to send to Kaiden’s school for snack day. I figured they might be a better choice than regular cookies. Fage and Chobani are my favorite brands of Greek yogurt. Plain greek yogurt is the best to get, but I still haven’t acquired that taste. I’m working on it. If you want to read more about clean yogurts and those to avoid, read this article. We always have lots of produce on hand, especially fruits for the kids to snack on. Organic gala apples were the same price as all the other apples this week, so I snagged those up! Arnold sandwich thins and Ezekiel bread are my favorites for sandwiches and toast, Stacy’s naked pita chips were to go with a salsa I plan to make, bacon with no nitrates or nitrites was for brinner (I shouldn’t have bought bacon, but it’s been a while), and Tribe hummus is by far my favorite dip for carrots and celery. I want to make my own hummus, but I haven’t tried yet.

Want to know what’s in my cabinets? Here ya go.


Rice cakes (lightly salted, unflavored), Triscuits, varieties of cereal for the kids, oatmeal, peanut butter (The Bee’s Knees was a special treat; I usually go for the plain organic kind), whole grain crackers, kernel corn for popping (no more microwave stuff!), Van’s cereal bars for the kids to snack on, honey, real maple syrup, rolled oats, whole grain pasta, and some sweet potato chips I bought on a splurge. There are a few “bad” foods in there like mayo and marshmallows, but that’s because I hate throwing things away. They were purchased before we started our new lifestyle, and we use them on rare occasion.


I keep lots of beans on hand, canned and dried. Tuna is good for a quick lunch. Quinoa is my preference over rice, just because it cooks faster and is a good protein source. I do have more pasta, spaghetti sauce, rice, juice boxes for school snack day, coffee…and some junk I’m not even sure why it’s there. Moving on… to the fridge!


It’s looking pretty bare. I always have eggs for scrambling, boiling, or making omelets. You’ll see my mason jar salad, lots of cheese, almond milk and organic soy milk (there’s usually some cow milk in there too), unsweetened applesauce, fruits, celery, carrots, and one poor lonely orange. 🙂 There are lots of condiments in the door, not pictured, but they are slowly fading out and/or being replaced.


And finally, the freezer. On the top shelf I have every imaginable frozen vegetable. I like to buy them when they are on sale and stock up the freezer so I always have something I can grab. On the bottom shelf, I keep my meats. Usually chicken breasts, tenders, legs…some bags of individual fish fillets so I can grab, thaw, and cook quickly. I sometimes get a box of Vitacakes (50 calories!) for an occasional treat that I don’t feel too guilty about. It gives me a chocolate fix. And of course I have frozen berries in the door for making shakes and smoothies for myself and the kids! (Ignore the boiled peanuts – that’s a Southern thing.)

So…have you figured out what to eat yet? I’ll break it down for you by category.


chicken, fish, tuna, turkey, eggs, milk, cheese, greek yogurt, nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin), nut butters (experiment with more than just PB!), quinoa, beans, tofu, soy, beef and pork (although I don’t eat too much of those)

Complex Carbs

fruit (apples, grapes, berries, oranges, kiwi, bananas, melons – mix it up for variety!), vegetables (celery, carrots, tomatoes, green leafy things, broccoli, cauliflower, squash – all types, cucumbers, onions…), grains (oats, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, whole wheat, brown rice…)

Don’t forget to include some fat in your diet – it helps your body! You can get good fats from nuts and nut butters, avocado, olives, and some fish.

Here’s a great resource, and the full PDF version can be found here.


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