Take the Challenge!


I’m pretty excited about two things that are going on right now. One is my new Clean Eating group that I just started TODAY on Facebook! I couldn’t believe how many of my friends (and my friends’ friends) have asked to join! If you know me, you know that I am very passionate about being healthy, and I really enjoy it when I rub off on others! If you want to learn more about clean eating, find and share recipes, and join a network of cool people while you do it, just ask! If you aren’t already friends with me on facebook, then friend request me here and drop me a note asking to join the group.  If you send me a friend request without messaging me, I might not add you. There are some creepy people out there, so I don’t just friend everyone.

The other thing I’m excited about is my first 60 Day Fitness Challenge that is about to start in 11 days! Anyone can join, as long as you are doing one of these 60 day workout programs: Insanity, Les Mills Combat, or Brazil Butt Lift. And 60 days? That’s nothing! And the best part about being in a challenge group is you have an awesome coach to guide you (that’s ME!) and you can share your experiences with other people who will be doing the same challenge. It’s all about support, commitment, goals, and accountability. To check out any of these programs, visit http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/kaufycup and click on SHOP.

Not sure which program you want to do? Here’s a little info. And pics never hurt, right?


Doesn’t require any equipment except your willing body. There are 10 discs with 10 workouts that will push your limits. It says you don’t even have to be in shape to start, but you will get results by the end. This is a picture of a woman who had AMAZING results with Insanity. And she won $1000 because of it!

Combat is a martial arts based program that includes 7 fun workouts. This guy dropped 46 pounds in just two months! His story is here.

Stephen B lost 46 lbs and 19 inches with Les Mills COMBAT

Brazil Butt Lift, or BBL as it’s sometimes called, seems to be all the rage these days. It is a fun workout where you can dance off the pounds, and tone your booty to the shape you want! There are different workout schedules designed to fix a big butt, a flat butt, or a pear-shaped butt. One of my FB friends, Tara, won $500 with her transformation!
There are lots of other workouts out there, but these are the three that we are working with in this challenge, because they are all 60 day programs. Check them out, and if you are ready to commit and see a change, then let me know and we will sign you up!!
Oh, and did I mention you can win MONEY?!! That’s right! If you register on beachbody.com with one of these challenges, you could win some cool cash! Once you get your workout program of choice, you just go to the Beachbody website, and sign up. They guide you through it!

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