Updating…Random Thoughts

So it’s been about a week since my last post. It’s not that I haven’t had time to post, or haven’t wanted to post. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write about. I have had lots of ideas over the past week, but they just never made it to paper, er, keyboard. Blogger’s block?

Anyway, if you are following my journey on getting fit, here is an update on me: Today marks 2 weeks that I’ve been consistently working out to my new program, ChaLEAN Extreme. It is a 90 day program where you work out to videos at home, using weights/resistance to build muscle and burn fat. IT.IS.AWESOME. I haven’t actually enjoyed lifting weights and working out in a while. Chalene is motivating and the exercises keep me from getting bored. I’ve already had to increase my weights because I’m getting stronger! Love it!

I lost about 5 pounds pretty quickly from eating clean, drinking my shakes, and working out. That’s about where it stopped. Last weekend, my family took a mini-vacation to Florida for Hubs to run his first half-marathon (which he rocked, in my opinion). I packed a cooler full of carrots, hummus, apples, individual baggies of grapes, plus a bag of rice cakes, pretzels, nuts…and even a gallon of water. I was prepared to eat clean and not need to stop for fast food. Well, that didn’t quite work out. I did end up having to get one fast food meal on the way down there and again on the way back. I was a little bummed, but life happens. And of course, while on vacation, we decided to eat out at restaurants for a couple of meals. I just have to admit it – my willpower isn’t made of steel. I can resist buying things at the grocery store, but I have a hard time saying no to a menu. I ate some not-so-good things. BUT…I didn’t go buck wild. I got back on track right after that, and refocused on my goals.

So as far as weight goes, I’m stuck in this one spot. But I remind myself that this isn’t even about a certain weight. In the end, I don’t care what the scale says I weigh. It’s more about how I feel, how I look, and how fit I am. So I am going by clothes more than by weight. Tonight I pulled out a pair of pants (bought at Christmas) and 2 pairs of shorts. Can’t wear them anymore without them falling off. Then…just for the fun of it…I asked my daughter to let me try on her new shorts that we bought last week (Hollister, size 7). I figured they’d only go up to the middle of my thighs. Nope!! They went on. All the way up! They completely fit!! Now, my thighs aren’t pretty enough to wear her little shorts out in public…yet. 😉 I’m going to keep working on that.

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