With our family in a sort of transition state this past year, I have not been able to work since last May. That means that I’ve had to really watch my spending (a big challenge, if you know how I like to shop), and try to save where I can. I started couponing last summer, and a couple of my friends who were already really good at it gave me some tips. I got pretty good at it, and have saved a lot of money! What I’m finding now, though, is that I use less coupons because I buy more fresh foods. Foods that don’t usually have coupons available. I still clip coupons for paper products, toiletries, some condiments, and some food items. I even find coupons for produce, like for Cuties or sometimes cherry tomatoes. Nuts are another good coupon item because I love to snack on raw almonds. And dairy! Milk and yogurt are hot in this house, so I clip those up when I can.

I ran across a few good ones today, so I thought I’d share.

On you can print coupons for Silk, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, and So Delicious products. I use them for milk products, but I have to say that So Delicious coconut ice cream is one of the yummiest treats ever. I also used zip code 02468 to get coupons for Nasoya Tofu, some John Freida products, and a few other things that weren’t given for my personal zip code. At I just got coupons for Food for Life (they make Ezekiel bread) and Cabot cheese. That site also has many coupons for products that are probably offered at Whole Foods or Fresh Market or some other natural/health food stores. You can also request coupons from the Food for Life website. Go to their Contact Us page, and under “How can we help?”, switch it to the coupon request. I just did that today, so I hope I get them soon. 🙂

Coupon Network has a coupon on Dole salad kits. You can get a coupon for organic agave nectar from .

I used to get two Sunday papers to get all of the coupons so I could stock up, but now that I’m using fewer coupons I have cancelled that subscription. Now I still get a few coupons from friends and family, but I don’t want to spend more money than I save. Online coupons come in pretty handy because I can check periodically and just print what I want. Facebook is another good place to look for coupons from your favorite products.

Today I bought two bottles of French’s mustard for $.39 each. They were on sale for $.99 and I had 2 coupons for $.30 off, which doubled to $.60 each. LOVE to stock up on deals. 🙂 My store also had a gallon of PET milk on sale for $2.99. I had a $.55 coupon that wasn’t supposed to double, but it did, making my gallon of milk $1.89!! I prefer to buy organic milk, but on a deal like that I decided to buy non-organic. I hope to get another gallon next week before the sale ends.

ETA: I almost forgot! You can get coupons from many companies just for emailing them and asking. I have gotten coupons in the mail from Almond Breeze, Apple & Eve (juice for the kids), Bob’s Red Mill, and Mezzetta olives. It’s not “clean” but if you email Jiffy cornbread, they might send you a package with some muffin mix. 😉 You’d be surprised what all you can get just for asking them and telling them you love their products!

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